Youth Sports and Life Training Certifications to make your Career as Coach

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When training young athletes, fundamentals are the building blocks.  Fundamental skill work at an early age can play a crucial role in the success of any athlete.  Ask any pro about their journey to the top and you will hear words like hard work, desire and dedication.  For many pro athletes,  their road to success began with a dream and a burning desire to achieve their goals.  Today, children all over the world share the dream of one day becoming a professional athlete.  Many of these kids are dedicated and willing to sacrifice in order to make their dreams come true.   So why do only a select few make it to the pro ranks?  Ask any pro what separates them from the pack and you will hear words like mental toughness and confidence.  Truth is… all of the above are what makes an athlete successful.  No matter the sport, top-level athletes are usually highly skilled and dedicated individuals.  They are also “mentally tough”, confident and respond in pressure situations.  I have created this site for the young athlete looking to improve both their mental and physical game!

The primary purpose of any training is an improvement, and to ensure a return on investment in supporting the business to progress and to be successful. The cost of training can be recovered many times over when training delivers the knowledge, understanding and skills that help people improve their performance.

If you are interested to join such training, I recommend you to check Spencer Institute. They are authentic name in the industry of fitness and sports certifications, which help you to make your career as a trainer or coach. They offer professional Youth Performance Coach Certification, which provides in-depth knowledge and skills related to youth life coaching and sports training. Their training is 100% online so you can access them anytime from anywhere. I am a big fan of their top-notch ongoing support and up to date content material. I am sure you will never regret it after becoming a certified youth sport or life trainer.

Let’s talk about some athletic training programs outlines in general that you will able to make after taking professional certifications.

The Strength Training for Youth Athletes program is packed with information on these topics:

  • Program Overview
  • Performance Assessments
  • Performance Nutrition
  • The Workout Plan
  • Regeneration

Program Overview

First, outline exactly what to expect in the program and what it takes to make this program work for you.

This is what is listed in the Program Overview:

  • Standing out above everyone else.
  • The philosophy behind Strength Training for Youth Athletes.
  • Training principles.

Performance Assessments

Each athlete that starts this program will be in a different physical condition and the Performance Assessment will ensure that you know your starting point so that you can gauge your performance.  It is important to regularly measure your performance because it will help keep you motivated and set new goals for yourself.

The Performance Assessment will generate a Performance Index based on:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Conditioning
  • Body Composition

Performance Nutrition

Most young athletes aren’t aware of the fuel that they’re putting into their body and how it can affect their performance on the field.  A good, balanced diet will help athletes reach their peak performance while a poor diet will hinder an athlete’s performance and overall health.

  • How, when, and what to eat.
  • A sample ideal eating day for morning or evening workouts.
  • Overview of each of the three macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, and Healthy Fats).
  • Pre, During, and Post-workout fueling.
  • Hydration strategies.
  • Overview of sleep.
  • Guide to nutritional supplements.

The Workout Plan

The Workout Plan includes a  total-body strength gain and conditioning program.  This program changes each week based on the strength gains that the athlete is making.  There are four separate 4-week periods and each contains a: Base Week, Load Week, X-Load Week, and an Unload Week.

This is designed to:

  • Maximize strength gains.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Increase lean body mass.


When athletes go through intense physical workouts (practice, workouts, conditioning, or competition) the body breaks down.  In order for the muscles to grow back larger and stronger, there are particular events that must occur…this is known as Regeneration.

We teach athletes about the R4 system to help them maximize their gains:

  • Rehydration – replacing fluids
  • Repletion – replenishing glycogen (fuel) stores
  • Repair – repairing muscle tissue (reducing muscle breakdown)
  • Reduce – reducing the damaging effects of post-exercise tissue inflammation.

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