When to visit Pediatrician/Child specialist

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Your baby is only a few weeks old and you are overwhelmed with happiness … But questions jostle in your mind. Why does he make noise when he’s asleep? Does he take enough milk? And this little spot, there on his skin, is serious? Fortunately, you have an appointment with your Best Pediatrician in Lahore or general practitioner treating for the first month visit. You will review it throughout the year for complete exams. Prepare your questions on paper before each appointment.

What is the first month’s visit?

This is a first contact between the pediatrician, your baby and you. This consultation is very important: it makes it possible to take stock of the health and the psychomotor development of your child. The specialist begins by asking questions about your history: are there asthma, allergies, and thyroid-related pathologies in your family? If so, you will have to watch your little one.

Does the pediatrician check my baby?

Before that, he continued his “interrogation”:

  • How are her nights going?
  • You hear piping noises in the back of the nose? No worries, it’s normal, a baby breathes strong!
  • Does he take the breast or his bottle well?
  • He weeps and wiggles?
  • How are her stools?

Perhaps he has colic … His digestive system – like all his organs besides – adapts to his new life. It is normal to have some difficulties in starting! These colic, most of the time, reach a peak around the second month and disappear towards the third. Phew! In any case, the pediatrician will check the breast-feeding or the type of milk you give him. He will give you advice tailored to your situation.

What does he do next?

It examines your baby from every angle:

  • He checks that he is toned and moves his arms and legs symmetrically.
  • The pediatrician carefully observes his skin: If he spotted a mole (or nevus), he would have to be watched. Same thing if it detects an angioma on the face or buttocks. It is just a red spot that often regresses spontaneously after several months or several years. The pediatrician can direct you, if necessary, to a specialist to monitor moles and angiomas.

Why does it check membership mobility?

To make sure the joints work well.

  • For example, one of the upper limbs may have suffered during childbirth. This is called a lesion of the brachial plexus, which causes a weakness of the arm. A simple rehabilitation and everything goes in order!
  • Another important check: the hip joint, which sometimes suffers from dislocation. The wearing of abduction breeches, which spreads the hips, imposes itself.

Note: the hip dislocation is normally detected from birth, to maternity. But the pediatrician checks it all the same during this first visit.

Are there any other examinations?

Yes, it controls the proper functioning of the heart, the lungs, it palpates the abdomen … It also looks at the curvature of the spine and evaluates, of course, sight and hearing. He even looks at the oral cavity, the brake of the tongue, the gums. And above all: he listens to you. There are no stupid questions! You can consult with experts on Marham- Find a doctor for your baby treatment.