What is Physical Therapy who are Physical Therapist

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Physical therapy, also called physiotherapy in short, is that branch of medicine, which makes use of some physical agents or exercises to treat a disease or an injury.  More strictly, it is a branch of rehabilitation medicine.

Physical therapists are medical experts who are specialized in treating the functional disabilities and problems by physical therapy, which includes going through physical trainings and sessions. Many a times, people get injury or develop movement constraints due to illness or diseases like diabetes which make effects their functional abilities badly. These disabilities are known to be treated quickly and efficiently by physical therapy, Washington, DC and the reason why therapy is considered better than medication is that physical exercises don’t leave any after effects on the human body.

The treatment of injuries, pains, strains and fatigue is proven by medical research and it is said that physical training is the best method to get the defected body parts back to working. Physical therapists are specialized in the kinds of pains and problems and they could foresee the associated problems one may develop during training sessions. Often, the elderly people develop back and shoulder pains when carrying out the exercises and this is because they don’t follow the safety guidelines given by training instructor.

Physical therapists have a vast knowledge of therapy and their do’s and don’ts and the best practice is to acquaint the therapist and the training instructor with the case history so that they might research if there’s something wrong which needs more than therapy. These therapies don’t bring bad with good unlike the medical treatment and sometimes the only possible treatment of injuries and disabilities is therapy.

If you want to get rid of your movement disabilities and constrains quickly and harmlessly, you need to follow the instructions given by the physical therapist and do the exercises on regular basis as told. Don’t think any of the guideline as useless, otherwise it may do more bad to the injury instead of good and you would have to pay the price of negligence and carelessness. Therapy has become a popular treatment of physical disabilities and it is especially recommended for children and aged people who are not in the condition to take high potency medicines. On the other hand, this is completely risk free, convenient and an effective method of bringing the injured parts back to working condition.