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It seems too good to be true, even for the most zucconi, there is a chance to appear a bit of intelligence, in a myriad of new molecules that promise giant steps. They are smart drugs that provide mental performance from super heroes. Many American students are already consuming it and the phenomenon is spreading throughout the world with the resulting favorable and contrary opinions.

Intelligence pills like modafinil and Nuvigil are the new smart drugs that seem to be able to accelerate mental abilities and promise to give a brain capable of exploiting to the last drop of capacity, so that the brain is able to confiscate in a flash any new information.  These pills are available at RXShopMD.com. The extraordinary novelty is that these pills are legal. For years there are legal substances on the market that provide better physical performance, and today in this era where the performance is never quite high, they invented the pills of intelligence that provide a more attentive, capable, quick and lucid mind . In short, after doping due to the super physical performance, the brain has been doped. Pump the brain skills, in the true sense of the word, with a smart pill. In reality, there is still an effective improvement in performance, but it seems to be so. In fact, when in doubt, we are proceeding to carefully analyze those situations where mental abilities are engaged and where tests are carried out on competitors to ascertain if they are using that extra gear. For example, at Duke University, in the USA, due to the growing concern of the excessive use of cognitive enhancers by students, a part that regards the unauthorized use of medicines for improve performance, calling it “dishonest”. An oasis for new needs where we tend to achieve increasingly exciting results at school and at work, without ever giving up. How to resist? Many have always wanted to argue that every individual uses only a small percentage of intellectuals on a daily basis, but is it actually demonstrated? That’s it?


A first advantage of these new small is their legality, because if they are called smart drugs are drugs that are on the market and are prescribed for specific diseases usually existing in children and the elderly. To make everything easier is the fantastic world of the network, in fact, even if it is true that there is a need for medical prescription, many young people can easily obtain it online. Thanks to the internet the nootropics market, ie active ingredients that have an effect on mental abilities, is booming. It is estimated that over 10% of Oxford University students use it, as do boys in other countries. These pills have the ability to increase substances in the brain that produce greater attention and capacity for concentration or memory, and are therefore useful when they stagger.Many who do not have medical conditions to justify their use, in doubt, decide to take the pill of intelligence in the belief that they still put some more neurotransmitters in circulation and therefore improve performance. However, as already said, for the moment, this is not proven. Some studies conducted with amphetamine-like compounds used in the United States show that the performances remain the same and that only changes the emotional state with which the tasks are dealt with. A bit like those experiments carried out in the past where the students were made to smoke lettuce passed off by drugs and those who took it said they felt the benefits.  On the other hand, every drug has its backhand and it is claimed that if it is true that there can be an improvement in performance, it can lead to addiction, cardiovascular disorders, anxiety, agitation, impulsiveness, agitation and other serious problems to which you can go out, always keeping in mind that there is still no certainty that the brains will work better. They can also interfere with sleep, which is a fundamental activity for the learning activity, necessary to really fix what is needed in the mind.