What are the best natural appetite suppressants?

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Your diet and, in particular, your ability to control the quality and quantity of food eaten each day is the key to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

It sounds simple enough, but in practice, even the best of intentions can fail … If you are often hungry after a meal, if you have sweet or salty snacks between meals, or simply if you end up snapping up the refrigerator at night looking for a palliative, you know that there are many ways to ruin a healthy diet!

What can you do about it? The most effective way to cope with excesses and cravings is to target the underlying causes. To help you deal with it head-on, we will first look at some of the more common reasons for triggering hunger.

Then, for each trigger of desire or hunger, we will use the most effective natural appetite suppressants according to the number of studies devoted. We have also included the recommended doses and supplements offered with these active ingredients.

False idea: Hunger and cravings are just a question of will or genetics

The biggest mistake is to believe that hunger and cravings are just a question of will or genetics. If you think that some people are born thin and with an iron sheath, think again … Science finds that your predisposition to eat and your way of managing cravings have much more to do with your hormones (affected by your diet, your environment and your lifestyle) only with your will or your genetic factors!

What types of appetite suppressants can be combined and for how long for Weight Loss?

Before combining several counter appetite suppressants  supplements, be sure to check how the active ingredients work. For example, you do not want to combine several supplements with fiber or serotonin.

Supplements made from fiber, protein, green tea, omega 3 and serotonin can all be used together, but we generally recommend that you do not combine more than 2 or 3 weight loss supplements and use up to 3 to 6 months. You can still restart a cycle a few months later to increase the results.

That said, omega 3, protein and fiber supplements are frequently used in the longer term as a supplement to healthy eating and target weak spots.