The Type of Virgin Hair Wig That’s Right for You

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In today’s image-obsessed society, discovering you’re suffering from alopecia hair loss is a considerable emotional blow and one that’s not easily burdened. The causes are many and the effects can be harrowing at worst, inconvenient at best. However, treatment for this condition is available should you find you’re rapidly losing your hair. But with that said, there are numerous instances where the infuriating condition refuses to respond to medical treatment. In these circumstances, there are still methods of alleviating the symptoms for alopecia sufferers self-conscious about the issue.

Why not work to regain your confidence? For some women, working with the bald look is a bold choice and totally suitable, but for most, alopecia wreaks havoc on your scope for creating outstanding style. By investing in an alopecia wig, you can rebuild that arresting image of femininity and even try out colors and styles you’d never before thought you could!

Don’t limit your choice of accessories to headscarves and bandanas – a well-made wig is a sure way to restore your inner joie de vivre. At New Star Virgin Hair, wigs are crafted from the finest human hair sourced from all over the world. Additionally, innovation is the name of their game – they work to design wigs that are so lightweight, comfortable and natural, it’ll feel like you have your full head of luscious hair back again.

You already know that Virgin Hair Collection manufactures quality wigs in a variety of colors and styles, creating realistic, comfortable and stylish wigs for women. But did you know that these wigs are made with two distinct types of premium quality hair?

First, there are Virgin Brazilian Hair wigs. Virgin hair refers to hair that has not been dyed or processed in any way. Virgin Brazilians hair is the most sought after hair in the world because of its soft feel and texture and a great look as well as its durability and longevity. Because this hair has not been previously dyed, it can be dyed or highlighted just as easily as you could dye hair on your own head. Plus, virgin hair color will last significantly longer than processed hair, fading and oxidizing much less rapidly over time. Like all-natural hair, virgin hair should be washed frequently and can be styled to suit your needs.

Real Hair Wigs and Hobbies

Wigs have many applications, but for most women, it is not the first cosmetic accessory to go to. A custom wig actually has quite a following in today’s varied, colorful social landscape. Wigs can be an expression of fashion or art, and increasingly, indie cultures.

Take, for example, the astoundingly popular hobby of cosplay, short for costume play. No, it is not anything exclusively adult, but rather a way for many fans to show their appreciation for their favorite shows. Often compared to Halloween spectacles, comic and other conventions today are full people dressed in homemade or store-bought costumes of their favorite characters- often with an attractive wig. Hair not long enough to duplicate a heroine’s luxurious mane? Get a wig to complete the look!

Although the growing popularity of superhero culture-filled this year’s New York Comic Con with Wonder Women, Captains America male and female, and all kinds of characters, the hobby of cosplay started in the Japanese anime community, often with extravagant hairstyles in extraordinary colors.

The quality of costumes ranges from hastily sewn together to exceedingly detailed- and what completes a lovingly put together costume more than a real human hair wig? Of course, not everybody will choose to go so far, but these are fans, and fans often go to great lengths to duplicate a specific look.

Virgin Hair Collection also offers Premium Processed Human Hair wigs. This hair has been dyed to achieve a variety of colors. Because the hair has been dyed, the color may fade quicker, but these wigs can come in a large variety of colors. Processed Human Hair wigs can be straight, curled or styled. Weigh the pros and cons of each; the available Collection makes it easy to pick the type of wig that’s right for you.