Uses and Benefits of Collagen Supplements

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Collagen is a protein that gives structure, firmness and elasticity to the skin. It is produced naturally by the body, but that can also be found in foods such as meat and gelatin, in moisturizers or in food supplements.  You can read more about taut collagen here.

This protein is very important to keep the cells firm and united, being not only important for the skin but also for other tissues such as the integrity of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, improving the health of them.


When should I use Collagen

Collagen supplements should be used when the concentration of this protein decreases in the body, causing symptoms such as:

  • Decrease in thickness of hair strands;
  • Increased flaccidity and loss of skin elasticity;
  • Rise of wrinkles and lines of expression;
  • Appearance of stretch marks;
  • Fine and dehydrated skin;
  • Decreased bone density as in cases of osteopenia and osteoporosis;
  • Weakness of joints and ligaments.

When these symptoms are present, collagen supplements such as Flex-n-move in capsules or Fortigel or Super Collagen powder may be necessary, which will help balance the levels of collagen in the body.

These products rich in collagen can be especially important from 50 years of age, when there is a drastic reduction in the production of collagen, which over time leads to an appearance increasingly aged. However, these products should only be used with the help of your doctor or nutritionist, since many hydrolyzed collagen supplements have a combination of different amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Main benefits of collagen

Some of the main benefits of collagen for the body are:

  • Prevents the appearance of cellulite;
  • Strengthens the nails;
  • Strengthens hair and improves its appearance;
  • Decreases the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • Prevents and delays the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

In addition to the above, the collagen to firm the skin preventing the appearance of cellulite, and helping in your treatment in case you already have it, because with a firmer skin the nodules of cellulite tend not to appear as much.

How to replace Collagen


To replenish the collagen in the body, you can make a diet rich in this nutrient. Foods with a high content are:

  • Red meats;
  • White meats;

The best way to combat aging is to keep the skin firm, consuming these foods daily or ingesting the hydrolyzed collagen food supplements in capsules, powder or tablets, which will help replenish the levels of collagen in the body.

However, it is important to consume collagen always in conjunction with foods rich in vitamin C such as orange, kiwi, pineapple or milky, as this vitamin is responsible for allowing the absorption of collagen in the body. That is why it is recommended to ingest the collagen capsules or powder in conjunction with an orange or kiwi juice, to ensure that the collagen is properly absorbed by the body.