Top 10 shoelace styles in the World

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Following are 10 famous shoelace styles which are easy to adopt and looks nice..

  1. The method for lacing “crossing”


The crossover lacing method is certainly the most widespread in Europe.
It is simple, easy to carry out and without frivolity. The lace crosses above and below the passers-by up to the top of the shoe.

  1. The “top / bottom” lacing method

top bottom

The “top / bottom” lacing method makes it possible to keep the lace longer, it is a way to protect it and to avoid the frictions that damage it. The way to design the lacing is similar to the lacing method in crossing.

  1. The method of lacing “horizontally”


The method of lacing “horizontally” is used more and more. It is simple to make and very fashionable. The lace should be passed evenly and horizontally above the passers-by and diagonally below them.

  1. The method of lacing “invisible to the horizontal”

invisible to the horizontal

This method of lacing “invisible” is a variant of the lacing method “horizontally”. It is very similar to it except that the diagonals disappear while passing vertically under the passers-by.

  1. The method of lacing “on one side”

on one side

The method of lacing “on one side” is also a variant, but this time of lacing method “invisible to the horizontal”, here one uses only one end of the lace to Lacing the entire shoe.

  1. The method of lacing “hidden / overlapping”


This method of lacing “hidden / overlapped” also uses the method of lacing “invisible to the horizontal” and reverses the tendency by making visible the parts of the lace that were not.

  1. The method of lacing “Z”


The lacing method “Z” allows to obtain a lacing simple and sophisticated at the same time. Reflecting the rigor, the lacing is easy to make and very practical to tighten the laces of the shoe.

  1. The “classic” lacing method


The “classic” lacing method is by far the best known since it is that of new shoes in boutiques. Practical and aesthetic, it is close to the method of lacing “Z”.

  1. The method to lacer “half-hidden”

half hidden

This special “mid-hidden” lacing method allows – just like the lacing method “in crossing” – to put the ends of the laces inside the shoe … Ideal not to take the feet in its laces !


  1. “Ladder” The lacing method


The “ladder” method of lacing is widely used on safety footwear, as well as on safety footwear. It forms a solid lacing and ensures a good hold.