The invisible Invisalign dental appliance

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This is the real revolution of recent years. 
It is no longer necessary today to wear rings to use orthodontics. The proof  with the invisible devices of the mark is  Invisalign Glasgow. They are more and more popular and have been a huge success in recent years.

This dental appliance does not use rings but rather removable but above all completely transparent gutters, called Aligner. The principle: throughout the treatment, you will carry a succession of different aligners, which will change your teeth until you reach the desired result.
This system now allows many adults, fearing having to wear rings, to finally have recourse to orthodontics and without this being visible!


  • We can not be more discreet. Nobody will notice that you wear a braces
  • They are practical: we can remove them when we want, we can clean them very easily
  • They do not require any adaptation of diet or particular brushing techniques
  • In terms of price, Invisalign is cheaper than ceramic dental rings and slightly more expensive than metal rings.
  • They make you smile again because you will not be complexed during and after the treatment

The inconvenients

  • You have to be regular and not give in to the temptation of not wearing your device. This is the constraint of a removable solution. You have to stay motivated throughout the treatment.
  • They are not adapted in some very complex cases. So first make sure that it works well in your case, for example by performing this free test made available by the manufacturer Invisalign .
    After having completed 5 quick questions, you will be given a personalized diagnosis on the treatment to put in place and the effectiveness, in your case, of this totally transparent solution.


This is the question that comes up most often. What is the price of this or that solution? It should be noted that dental rings are reimbursed by social security only until the age of 16 years. Each child is entitled to 6 semesters or 3 years of orthodontic treatment.

As you can see, for adults and children over 16, social security does not take care of anything.

When we know that metal rings cost on average per quarter in 750 Euros, ceramic 850 Euros and a lingual device costs in 1500 Euros, there is something to be worried about. Invisalign gutters cost around 1150 Euros.