The importance of healthy eating

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Today I am about to address a very important issue for adolescents: healthy eating habits. Since having a healthy diet is essential to ensure the normal functioning of our mental, physical and online skills. If you are able to incorporate healthy habits into your life, you will notice the change.

Eating habits are transmitted from parents to children and are influenced by factors such as geographical location, climate, vegetation, the availability of the region, customs and experiences; but they also have to do with the acquisition capacity, the way of selecting and preparing the food and the way to consume it.


Why are foods so important?

Food is the only thing that provides energy and various nutrients necessary to grow healthy, strong and able to perform daily activities. You can read more about health diets on . No person can survive without food and the lack of any of the nutrients causes serious health problems. However, it is not about eating for food, with the sole purpose of satisfying hunger, but to obtain by means of food, the necessary nutrients to be able to perform all our functions according to the physical activity that is developed, sex, age and health status.

The 5 daily meals

– Breakfast: Breakfast is very important, since it provides us with the energy we need to carry out our activities throughout the morning and the rest of the day. Among its benefits are: it ensures the adequate intake of nutrients, helps regulate the weight since it avoids the pecking throughout the morning and improves the physical and mental performance. A good breakfast should include: milk or yogurt, cereals, toast or crackers and fruit or juice.

– Mid morning: At midmorning a snack is recommended, to gather strength until the meal. Eat a sandwich, fruit or yogurt.

– Food: Food is the second most important take, usually consists of a pasta dish, rice or vegetables with meat, fish or eggs and the dessert to choose between fruit or yogurt. We can always accompany the food with bread.

– Snack: In the afternoon, do not forget the snack: sandwich, juice, smoothie, cookies or fruit.

– Dinner: At night do not go to bed without dinner. Dinner is similar to food, but a little lighter. Take advantage and choose fish, chicken or tortilla. If you are hungry before going to sleep, drink a glass of milk.


Finally, it is important to stress drinking two liters of water a day, take between 2 and 5 pieces of fruit daily, chew slowly, eat slowly, never skip any food, avoid junk food or fast food? and finally, accompany this with a little sport every day.