The importance of diet in yoga and Benefits of Yoga

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The sattvic foods help to maintain the clarity of thoughts, decision making and intellectual and contemplative thinking. They also increase vitality, energy and health and make us happy, in a good mood and calm.

Like a building that is supported on pillars, the practice of yoga to develop a full life of joy, harmony and health is based on pillars. If one of them fails, such as that of food, the building (which is our life) is not kept in good condition. And in the worst case it would declare itself in ruins. Currently, in our environment of well-being where we have practically everything and where there is no struggle to get food, there are many diseases precisely because of inadequate nutrition. We live because we have a body and a mind nourished by food. If this food is not good, they are not in conditions: simply life is not life.

Diet is very important in the practice of yoga because if you do not pay attention to what you eat before or after your practice, the benefits of this are lost.

The yogis of yesteryear, who did not have a calculator or exercised as much as we did the analytical part of the brain in their specialization of counting grams of proteins, calories or fats, used their highly developed internal knowledge. They analyzed nature, the environment and their own body and mind and explained to us the connection and functioning of these through the Gunas or the qualities of nature.

For yogis matter-any manifest form, food and even the mind with the kind of thoughts it generates-can be presented in three forms or have three qualities: the quality of satva , that of rajas and that of tamas. The quality of satva is harmony, that of rajas is activity and that of tamas is inertia. Yogi can use best vegetarian protein sources for muscle building.

These qualities are not static. They are in balance and relationship with each other: when one manifests more does not mean that the others disappear, they are still there only a little crouched or veiled by the predominant quality at a given time. None of them is bad, they are necessary and are part of our nature, as the strands form a rope.

What the yogis seek with the practice of yoga that Swami Vishnu taught is to keep the quality of satva for as long as possible, in our body and in our mind, but without denying the other two, of course.


Benefits of Yoga

We all know that yoga is good for us, it brings us many benefits. Cameron Shayne, a celebrity yoga teacher like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, gives you the truth about how the basic movements of a daily yoga session can be beneficial to you, beyond gaining flexibility for the sport in room.

After reading this article on the virtues of yoga, you may want to get into yoga quickly, if it is not done yet.

Yoga improves sex life

Sex requires a lot of energy. When your body is not relaxed, injured or tense, your libido can suffer. Often, the loss of sexual appetite is due to low energy levels and physical injuries.

When your body frees itself from any feeling of confinement and regains harmony between body and mind through the practice of yoga, you will naturally be more inclined to have a better libido. What to change the mind refractory to the practice of yoga?

Yoga helps to sleep better

In turn, a good practice of yoga or meditation, anti-stress activity par excellence, leads to a better night’s sleep. Sleep allows the body to rest and recharge. It also has a role to play in physiological processes such as hormonal regulation, immune defenses and therefore overall health.

This is especially true for people who are sleep deprived and therefore suffer from drowsiness, irritability, lack of concentration and poor performance.

In addition, sleep deprivation compromises the immune system, making it difficult to fight potential infections. It can also give rise to mood swings. Notice to the followers of the discipline, to you the zen-attitude!

Yoga improves memory

And if you stopped to forget where you parked your car in the car park a few hours earlier? The researchers found that people who had just completed 20 minutes of jogging were less able to focus on specific tasks mentally than if they had engaged in a physical and spiritual practice: yoga. The tests of memory and concentration prove it: a single session of Hatha Yoga significantly improves the speed and precision of a person. Thus, the practice of yoga or meditation is more effective for strengthening brain activities than any other sport. To go further, read this article on yogas that give tone .

Yoga promotes communication

Yoga teaches us that true communication starts because you have spoken to someone directly. Communicating effectively does not give you the right to change your mind suddenly.

When you speak, it must not be words in the air. As they say, you have to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you speak.

This gentle gym teaches us to keep our word, because our value in this society is based on what we say and what we hear, which means we speak and after we act. Because yes, yoga, there are rules to respect.

Yoga is getting closer to “Real Life”

Your relationship with your gym mat can guide you in your relationships after being found with yourself. With this method of relaxation, when you get on your carpet to do yoga, you enter into a special relationship that requires concentration, sensitivity and integrity, namely when you push and when you bring your limbs back to yourself.

By doing these gestures of relaxation by applying yourself slowly, you learn to create a comfortable space to achieve a feeling of inner well-being. This lesson should then be used outside the carpet in all your relationships. The important thing in all this is to live the moment.