The eating habits that most damage our health and our sight

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Health and nutrition specialists, as well as ophthalmologists, are very clear about food. To maintain and, as far as possible, improve eye health and avoid the problems caused by the passage of time, which can degenerate into important pathologies, such as various retinal diseases or age-related macular degeneration, our eyes especially need the following nutrients and elements:

  • Vitamin A (very present in dairy and blue fish).
  • Vitamin C (being the critics those who provide the greatest contribution).
  • Vitamin E (very abundant in green leafy vegetables).
  • Omega 3 (we find it in blue fish, shellfish or egg yolk).


Therefore, the first bad eating habit is that our diet is not sufficiently varied, and does not include foods rich in the vitamins and elements mentioned. Sometimes the food company has high food PR but their products are not reliable for health. Second bad habit is overeating. You can avoid overeating by following the tricks to stop overeating.

In addition to this main error, we find other food failures that, especially if they become frequent habits, end up being very harmful to our health and our eyesight:

  • Chop between meals. We must avoid foods such as snacks, sweets or chocolates, which only provide empty calories.
  • Abusing saturated fats and sugars. In addition to the unattractive overweight, these substances can clog veins and arteries, favoring cardiovascular and vision diseases. Do not forget that the veins that reach the eyes are very thin and any anomaly can cause visual distortions.
  • Skip meals, especially breakfast. In addition to running out of fuel in the most important hours of the day, acting like this alters the metabolism and causes us to eat too much.
  • Eat too fast. It is another bad habit that prevents good digestion, promotes stress and harms our mental and physical health.
  • Drink alcohol. It is another bad habit for different aspects of our health.


A balanced diet strengthens the immune system and can prevent them from contracting diseases, such as diabetes, which has among its main complications several serious pathologies of sight, such as diabetic retinopathy.

The ideal complement to good eating habits is to practice sports to the best of our ability and go to the ophthalmologist not only when we notice some strange symptom or problem in the eye, but also by way of frequent check-up (once a year would be ideal) and routine simply to verify that everything is in order in such a precious and delicate sense, as is our sight.