Teeth Whitening Methods

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No one can deny how teeth whitening is important. Actually, it boosts you confidence which enhance your relationships with friends and foreign people. It is also a very good sign of how healthy you are. In fact, when your teeth are deeply stained, this just means that there is something wrong in your body and health in general. Otherwise, if your teeth are naturally white, it means 80 up to 90% that your health is on top.

The next obvious question is what are the best ways, tips, methods and strategies to whiten your teeth safely, healthily involving no risks at all. I say that because the main concern that most people have is their teeth safety after trying these kinds of teeth whitener and they are totally right.

If you want to whiten your teeth, there is 2 different approaches that you need to consider before starting any kind of treatment. The natural approach and the Product oriented approach.

Both approached are very effective and could bring great results as far as you know what you are doing.

Natural Approach:

It includes all natural home treatments and remedies that you can prepare yourself in order to whiten your teeth. It involves absolutely 0% chemical ingredients which is great. But these kinds of methods need a little bit commitment and determination in order to get results. The results could take some time to manifests themselves but they are usually if not always permanent and durable.

Bellow some examples that you may consider:

  • Using a Banana Peel: By rubbing it like a toothbrush. This method is not scientifically proven yet. However, numerous people confirm they got good results using this method. You can check this compete banana peel teeth whitening article to understand what it is all about.
  • Drinking More Water: Sounds weird, but water is the first kind of food that helps to whiten your teeth. Indeed, every glass of water you drink is like a mini-shower for your mouth and teeth.
  • Lemon: lemon contains many minerals that could strengthen teeth in such a deep and durable way. Mix a quantity of lemon juice with the same amount of water before applying the mixture on your teeth … Just be careful not to abuse it, you should not use this method more than twice a week because of the acidity of the lemon.
  • Carrot: doesn’t whiten teeth by itself, but its consumption which does. Yes, when you chew a food (a healthy one), you produce saliva that helps clean the mouth.
  • Dark Chocolate: it contains some bitter elements that harden the surface of tooth enamel. Thus, dark chocolate prevents the appearance of stains and helps teeth less discoloring. This is valid only about dark chocolate!
  • Coconut Oil: It contains a healthy acid that keeps your teeth white. This oil has alsoantibacterial and antimicrobial properties that fight plaque formation and infections. Indian medicine is based a lot on coconut oil benefits and it recommends taking a spoon every night before going to bed.

There are some proven teeth whitening recipes that you can prepare by yourself from cheap natural foods that you may already have in your kitchen. You can check it out this all natural teeth whitening program which had lot of success among thousands of people around the world (USA, Canada, UK, Australia …)

Product Oriented approach:

This is probably the most common way that most people use. Usually this method involves buying the product, start using it and expecting results right away.

My only concern about this method is people, who are abusing while using those products, which may hurt their enamel and cause teeth sensitivity.

There is a bunch of products you may use:

  • Teeth Whitening Pen: Good and easy to use, you can apply it in just few minutes and helps you also to clean your teeth.
  • Teeth whitening Gel: Very popular solution that most dentists provide to their patients. It is perfect for surface and minor stains.
  • Teeth Whitening Strips:  made up of polyethylene. It is usually flexible and helps remove yellow stains pretty easily.
  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Good solution, but you probably need to use this solution as a short term one. Otherwise, you hurt your oral health in general.
  • Teeth Whitening Kits:  It is a complete solution for those who are really seeking for professional and quick results. Yet, you need to follow vendor instructions to get the most out of these products.

I’ve made lot of researches in order to get the best teeth whitening products in way they are easy, safe to use and provide good results. I’ve found that this teeth whitening system is one of the best in the business today.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you choose the natural way or the product oriented way, the best thing you probably need to start with is to be educated about teeth whitening and know your oral health very well. This will lead you to know which approach suits you the best and finally get the brilliant smile you truly deserve.