Supply high quality face masks & COVID-19 detection kit(SARS-CoV-2 for COVID-19 Patient

Reliable disposable three-layer non-woven fabric mask source: two-layer non-woven fabric + intermediate melt blown fabric filtering, non-medical. It is used for food hygiene, food processing, beauty care, laboratory clean environment, etc. Bacteria protection level, enough for civil use. With certificate of conformity, CE certification, FDA

Material: PP + meltbrown + PP (20 + 25 + 25gsm)

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Personal purchaser

mask price(50 pcs per box) mask price(30 pcs per box) shipping cost(1-3 boxes) shipping cost(4-8 boxes)
$45 $30 $35 $55

Mass purchase:

Packing method: 50 bags into boxes, 40 boxes per box (2000 / box)

Outer box size: 52 × 38 × 30 cm gross net weight 7.5kg/7kg

Price: $0.50/pc.

Air transport:$0.07/pc(Price applies to all countries).

Payment method: [production after receipt of full payment].

COVID-19 /15 minute test reagent, fast and effective, accuracy rate 96%

SARS-CoV-2(20 copies/box) shipping cost(1-3 boxes) shipping cost(4-8 boxes)
$120 $35 $55