How To Speed Up Metabolism: Why Managing Your Metabolism is Vital in Weight Loss Efforts

Keeping you metabolism revved up is the key to successful weight loss and maintaining health. To keep your metabolism sped up. it must be fueled by energy and nutritionally rich foods, dietary supplements and an active lifestyle. You need a little strategy to fall back on when times the goings get tough, to keep on track your weight- loss and diets.

Follow these 6 steps to speed up your metabolism.

1. Consume plenty of lean meat and vegetables. Brightly colored vegetables (spinach, kale, red peppers, broccoli) because those with bright colors contain the most nutrition. Eat low-fat proteins such as eggs, tofu, fish, chicken, and turkey. These keep you feeling full and therefore keep you from snacking between meals.

2. Keep your blood sugar in check. If your blood sugar is elevated it is very to control your weight. It impairs carbohydrate metabolism which increases sugar cravings – all working against you. Avoid simple sugar including artificial sweeteners which can cause sugar craving rebound.

3. Chow down on thermogenic foods which are those who have natural fat-burning properties. Include cayenne, ginger, mustard seeds, cumin, cinnamon, green tea, hot peppers, citrus fruit (especially lemons) and apple cider can really help take-and keep -those pounds off when eaten on a regular basis. Speed up your metabolism-6 ways.

4. Optimize your digestion. In order for your cells can best utilize nutrients, break down your food properly. Chew your food well, drink some apple cider vinegar, which if taken on a regular basis may help keep your weight stable. Eat-in a relaxed setting and breath properly.

5. Supplements may give faster results. There some non-addictive dietary supplements with a high percentage of protein. Most support sustainable weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and reducing food cravings. Natural supplements and vitamins may aid in weight loss by increasing your body’s metabolism while stabilizing blood sugar levels to keep you from unhealthy snacking. Speed up your metabolism-6 ways.

6. Drink green tea. You steep one green tea bag in 6-8 oz. piping hot water you create nature’s most perfect energy-restoring beverage. Studies have sown that the catechins, a type of polyphenol found in green tea assists in burning fat, thus maintaining your weight.

Metabolic Conditioning Coach Certification

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Few more tips to boost your metabolism

At any one time, millions of people are actively attempting to lose weight and reduce their levels of body fat and as you are reading this post, you are probably one of that number. But unless you understand exactly how to speed up metabolism, your hard work and rigorous self-denial as you stick to your diet and exercise routine, is likely to be a complete waste of time in the long run.

In fact, your present weight loss regime is probably doing your long-term weight management more harm than good and statistics show that the majority of successful, short-term dieters eventually end up heavier and with a higher percentage of body fat than if they had never embarked on a weight-reducing diet at all.

Now, why should that be?

Surely once you have put in the hard work, stuck to a reduced food intake and educated yourself into knowing which foods are the healthy choices and which should be reserved for special treats only, that knowledge should enable you to successfully keep your weight at the optimum level for your gender, height and build for the rest of your life?

The simple answer is that virtually every popular diet – no matter what main theme it may follow – does not address the vitally important factor of how to speed up metabolism following the inevitable damage it suffers when you successfully manage to lose your excess pounds.

Briefly, this is why:

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns the energy you get from food. So, if your metabolism is working as fast and efficiently as possible, you will burn energy rapidly. If however, your metabolism has been damaged, causing it to burn the same energy more slowly, the unburned energy is stored as fat, often around your middle.

Not only will you then gain weight from the same intake of food but that weight will be doubly hard to shift, too.

In addition, your lifestyle, eating patterns, exercise routine – or lack of it – can all affect the speed at which your metabolism works and, crucially, reducing your total daily calorie intake for longer than 3-4 weeks will inevitably cause your metabolism to slow.

The bad news is, once slowed, unless you take active steps to counteract this, your metabolism will continue to burn energy less efficiently, meaning that even though you continue to watch what you eat, fat will be stored as a result.

Many dieters experience a ‘weight loss plateau’ around 4 weeks into a weight loss regime and often become disheartened and give up at this point. Few realise that this plateau occurs as a direct result of their reduced intake of food and it is their own dieting efforts that have caused a slowing of their metabolism.

Then, being stuck with a slower metabolic rate, any food they subsequently eat cannot be burned off as efficiently as before and over time, weight creeps back on – with more besides.