Shakeology what’s in your shake

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It is actually very important to get to understand what is in your shake in terms of ingredients and the benefits they carry along. For shakeology, it is one daily healthy meal taken care of. For those with a busy schedule, shakeology contains ingredients which will help you in being energized throughout the day, lose weight, and stay healthy. Shakeology is a healthy meal replacement containing 70 ingredients, 23 vitamins, superfoods, and minerals all in one place. You may not notice the effects immediately but imagine what your body will be gaining over a period of time by fueling it with the healthy ingredients. Nutrition is the most important key element in these case.

Shakeology contains proprietary protein blend which is very vital for mental clarity, building lean muscles, improving the skin and hair, and reducing cravings. The superfoods in this blend contain whey, brown rice, pea, and amaranth among others.

Other ingredients that are in the shake include super fruits or antioxidant blend. It promotes for support of healthy immune system, heart, and ideal blood pressure levels. The superfoods in this blend are green tea, rose hips, grape seed, and bilberry among others.

The other ingredient is the super green or the phytonutrient blend. It is one of the amazing ingredients in the composition of shakeology because of what it can do. Its main job is to detoxify. It does so to the liver, kidney, and blood. The superfoods in this blend include spirulina, spinach, oat grass, wheat grass, and moringa among others.

The shake also contains proprietary adaptogen blend. It helps in guarding the body against stress, supporting the immune system, and balancing the endocrine system. The superfoods that support this blend are maka, maitake, reishi, and tulsi which is also known as Holy Basil.

Shakeology boasts of another ingredient known as the digestive enzyme blend. It helps in increasing the absorption of nutrition, promoting regularity in the body system, and improving digestion. The superfoods in this blend include protease, lactase, lipase, yacon root, amylase, cellulose, and papain.

To end the list, shakeology also contains other ingredients which help to be complete. It contains natural sweetener blend which is not-GMO fructose and instead uses stevia. Shakeology contains 6 grams of sugar in each serving. Stevia is a natural sugar which is found in sunflower family of sweet leaf and sugar leaf. Its sweetness has been found to be 300 times sweeter than artificial flavorings. Its main work is it to control your diet by giving you fewer cabs and an antibody that protects you from diseases like cancer antibodies. Shakeology contains a natural chocolate flavor which is extracted from a cacao plant that produces natural cocoa.

The shake contains xanthan gum which helps in food thickening though it contains traces of wheat. Lastly, it has guar gum which helps in the regularity of your digestion. It has soluble fiber which helps in promoting this effort and is sometimes used in foods for thickening. All the ingredients in shakeology are from superfoods meaning they are natural with nothing to worry about.

Below is a table with all the information;


Calories Fat


















Vitamins &min % RDA avg./ total Artificial sweeteners & or fractose
Shakeology 130 2 1 200 7 14 3 5 16 72%/13 yes