Residential Inpatient Treatment Services in Tucson

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It can be scary going to rehab in Tucson, AZ, for the first time but, for many people struggling with addiction, it’s the first step on the lifetime journey of recovery. The first step in the rehab process is detox which is usually done at a medical treatment facility. However, some treatment centers have an on-site detox facility. Lasting anywhere between five to ten days, detox helps one to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, which can unpleasant and even life-threatening in some cases.

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Facilities and Education

The physical facilities available depends on the type of rehab center, which can range from a simple camp-style setting for troubled teens to high-end centers with luxurious facilities. When looking for a rehab center in Tucson, it’s important not to lose sight of the purpose of the treatment and make a reasonable decision on which facility to go for.

Education is an important part of the recovery process. Patients are equipped with knowledge that helps them to take a realistic and honest look at their addiction and to have the right attitude toward their substance abuse.

During the initial stage of recovery, most addicts are still in denial about the severity of the problem and may not ambivalent about complete abstinence. Addiction professionals at a rehab center help the patients break through the denial and commit to a life of sobriety.

Education offered at a rehab center include the nature and dynamics of addictions, the bodily effects of drugs and alcohol, and the consequences of continued use.