Relaxing Massages to Sleep like a Baby

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 Enjoy the soothing and relaxing virtues of massages for a gentle night. Here are simple gestures to do at any time to break the tensions of your body, and especially at bedtime for a restful sleep. You can also get Mobile Massage London Service at your home.

Massages to do alone

– To relax your shoulders: cross the arms in front of you, placing your right hand behind the left shoulder and the left hand behind the right shoulder. The fingertip is directed towards the spine. Press gently but firmly as long as possible. Then piano with your fingers on the upper back and shoulders.

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: Place your fingers (except thumbs) on the nape of the neck, at the base of the skull, and then slowly move slowly along the neck and shoulders to the top of the back. Make 3 round trips at least.

– To forget your worries: pass your hands through your hair and catch strands one by one. Pull gently but firmly enough to “peel off the skin” from the skull.

– To untie your stomach: gently push your fingers in your abdomen, then lay flat on your stomach so that all the weight of the body weighs on your fingers. Blow slowly and deeply so that the abdominal muscles gradually unfold. This position is not very comfortable at first.

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Relaxing your face

 Place your thumbs in the middle of his forehead and cover his temples and cheeks with your hands. With the thumbs, describe small circles on the forehead going towards the temples before smoothing the forehead transversely in both directions. With the thumbs, massage in small circular movements the wings of the nose and continue on the cheekbones until the birth of the eyebrows. Repeat the trip 3 times. Massage the hem of the ear (from bottom to top) by gently squeezing it between your thumb and index finger, then smooth the lobes several times with your thumbs.

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Massages to do in two

– To reduce your shoulders: place your hands on the shoulders of your partner, fingers on his clavicles and thumbs towards the shoulder blades, most in the middle of the back possible. With thumb fat, make small circles by pressing firmly and moving laterally to treat the entire area of ​​the trapezoids.

– To relax your back

Install your partner on your stomach. Place your hands in the bottom of your back, your 2 inches joining the spine, and spread your hands by fanning them onto the flanks. Chain a dozen movements all over the lower back. Place your thumbs on each side of the spine (about 5cm on both sides). Keeping your hands flat, move gently back to the top of the back, describing small circles with your thumbs. With the clenched fists you bounce, tap the whole back down and up to the shoulders.

Good to know

If you massage the bare skin, always do so with oil that you will leave warm for a few seconds in the hand.