Pregnancy symptoms: Top 10 early signs of pregnancy

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Pregnancy signs are different for each woman. These signs appear on very variable dates. In some women, these first signs of pregnancy appear very soon but other women feel them much later. There are many symptoms which indicate the first signs of pregnancy. These are due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy.

Top 10 Early signs of pregnancy are described by pregnancy week by week:

1 Tingling Sensation around Nipples

It is the famous sign of pregnancy in which the women feel prickling sensation around the nipples.  It is due to the high blood supply in the breast created by pregnancy hormones.

2 Light Bleeding or Spotting

If a woman is trying to get pregnancy, the last thing she wants to see the vaginal bleeding or spotting. But if she feels just little spotting, it may be implantation bleeding. Nobody knows the reason of spot happening.  But it may be due to egg settling into the lining of her uterus.

3 Sore Breasts

Swollen breast is the common pregnancy symptoms. It is due to the rising level of hormones. When the body adjusts the hormonal variations, this swelling sensation diminishes after the first trimester.

4 A missed Period

If your period is late and does not come on time and you are regular, you may think about the pregnancy test.  If you are not keeping track you period cycle or you are not regular, extra trips to bathroom and tenderness may show you pregnancy before you feel you didn’t get your period. Missed period is one of the famous pregnancy symptoms.

5 Fatigue during Pregnancy

Some women feel tired while they get pregnancy. But it is not always related to pregnancy.  In the very first days of pregnancy, tiredness is the common symptom.

6 Darker Areolas

If you feel the areolas( area around your nipples) has become darker and larger, it is showing one of the first signs of pregnancy. This sing appear as early as two week after the pregnancy.

7 Frequent Urination

Hormones create many changes in the body and they increase the flow of blood through the kidneys. Bladder fills more quickly and you need to pee again and again.

8 Abdominal Bloating

In early pregnancy days, Hormonal changes may leave your feeling bloated. These feeling are similar to those before the period.

9 Body Temperature

If you are feeling high body temperature and your body temperature is increasing for more than two weeks, you are surely pregnant.

10 Pregnancy Test

Although, many home pregnancy tests are not reliable due to their sensitivity for pregnancy detection.  If you get negative results in early days of pregnancy, try again in few days. After getting positive results in pregnancy test, make an appointment with your concerned doctor.