Pregnancy Miracle – My Personal Experience

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I came across the book when my wife was desperately trying to get pregnant. My desperation was in its third year and we were thinking for going into fertility treatments, which were quite expensive. The moment we saw the book we decided to give it a try as the cost of the book was quite less than what we were shelling out to the doctor on a single visit. Another advantage of buying the book was that there was a money back guarantee on the book and hence there was no risk in buying it.

Since we were struggling very hard to get pregnant and had got tired using various programs and products, curiosity got the better of us when we saw the Pregnancy Miracle ebook. We wondered whether there was anything in the book that might help us achieve our goal. We presumed that there might be something in the book that we don’t know about, so far as getting pregnant is concerned.

Pregnancy Miracle eBook did not promise instant results. However, it did assure you of getting pregnant within three months of getting into a plan. Three months was peanuts to the three long years that we have been struggling to get pregnant.

And surprisingly, my wife conceived in two months after trying out a plan for almost three years! I attribute the success to her changed lifestyle which included giving up fast food and taking up acupuncture and other activities which reduced her stress and anxiety.  I would prefer to treat Pregnancy Miracle eBook as a guide and not something as a “miracle”.

Going through the book you will discover certain information that you were not fully aware of. Like, what are the causes of infertility, how and what vitamins can help you in the process. There are information about eastern medicines like acupuncture and other such information from which you can learn new things. However, those who already know about such things might not find the book useful. On the whole the book will help you organize your thoughts and help clarify certain things related to pregnancy.

Nevertheless, Pregnancy Miracle eBook did help us gain knowledge about infertility from the perspective of Chinese medicine and also acupuncture as a path towards fertility. And I do acknowledge the fact that the book helped us in avoiding the expensive fertility treatment which we were thinking of exploiting.