Polyherbal Male Sex Enhancement Supplements May Offer More Benefits

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Male enhancement pills like Malegenix are dietary products that usually contain botanical ingredients. Some male sex enhancement supplements are formulated using only one main active ingredient. For instance, a product may contain ginseng or ashwagandha only. Other sex enhancement supplements have polyherbal formulations.

Polyherbal formulations in sex enhancement supplements mean that the product contains two or more herbal ingredients. For example, there are male sex enhancement supplements that are formulated using several herbs such as maca, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus terrestris. Other supplements may have as many as six or more herbal ingredients.

Because polyherbal sex enhancement supplements contain more than one active ingredient, they may offer more benefits as compared to sex enhancement supplements that are formulated using one herbal ingredient only.

The purported benefits of these supplements are usually based on the known properties of the herbal ingredient. For instance, if the supplement contains ginseng only, it may be marketed as a sex enhancement supplement that boosts sexual stamina, since several scientific studies have shown that ginseng may boost stamina and energy.

On the other hand, a sex enhancement supplement that contains ingredients like Tribulus terrestris and maca may be promoted as having testosterone-boosting properties as well as energy-boosting effects. Tribulus terrestris is believed to contain phytochemicals that may be able to help improve testosterone levels.

Maca, on the one hand, is sometimes referred to as a superfood. Maca is actually a root vegetable that contains various nutrients. Maca is also believed to have antioxidant as well as energy-boosting properties. Maca is one of the more popular male sex enhancement supplement ingredients, and it is also used in certain energy drinks.

This does not necessarily mean that single-ingredient male sex enhancement supplements are inferior to polyherbal formulations. The important thing is for you to consider whether the purported sexual benefits of a product match your needs for sexual performance improvement.