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Following most cosmetic surgery operations, it is recommended to wear a specific garment that applies an ideal level of compression to the treated area. They help not only to limit the side effects of the operation but also to reduce the discomfort caused by the intervention. This article will show you why surgeons recommend wearing a postoperative garment after plastic surgery.

What you need to know before the operation?

The healing process is influenced by different factors. Before surgery, your surgeon will explain in detail what you need to know. It is very important that you follow his recommendations to get the best results. To facilitate the healing process, most surgeons ask their patients to wear a postoperative garment. This type of clothing is manufactured with the aim of adapting to your morphology as well as the treated areas.

How does a postoperative garment influence the healing process?

It facilitates movement

After surgery, you will tend to feel embarrassed and swollen. By wearing appropriate postoperative clothing movements and movements are clearly facilitated because the tissues are maintained.

It reduces postoperative inflammation

Inflammation and the formation of edema (hematoma) after cosmetic surgery are very common. In some cases, these phenomena can take up to several weeks before disappearing completely. Wearing adequate postoperative clothing helps to reduce these phenomena and improves the final result.

It reduces the healing time

The postoperative garment ensures good blood circulation which reduces the healing time. In addition, it facilitates healing because it maintains tissue and incisions.

It maintains the new morphology

With a postoperative garment, the new morphology is more easily maintained. Indeed, by providing the optimal level of compression, it allows treated areas to keep their new forms.

The postoperative garment significantly facilitates the healing process following cosmetic surgery. Many medical companies manufacture high-tech postoperative clothing that has been adapting to your needs for over 30 years.