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Hearing ‘’wealth’’ makes all of us conscious about what is coming next after it. Being ‘’wealthy’’ is like being ‘’happy’’. It has different meanings for everyone. The definition of ”wealthy” is completely personal and everyone can explain ”wealth” in his/her way.

But by summing up most of the definitions of wealth we get four pillars that hold a wealthy life status. These pillars are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Communal
  • Financial

These four factors work in a cycle to generate maximum and ultimate wealth. To achieve wealth in its real meanings you need to be a 4-dimensional businessman. No one is unaware of this famous proverb, ‘’Health is wealth’’. But we just forget it while following our passions and dreams. Most of us dream to be rich and successful in life and struggle harder to get it. But when the time comes, to get a souvenir of success many of us have lost the first and basic pillar of wealth.

By completing the 4-pillars cycle of wealth you will always remain impoverished. Being wealthy is not about having billions of dollars in your bank accounts, having a luxurious lifestyle, and having so many expensive belongings with you. Because every single thing I mentioned here is useless without health.

How does this 4-dimensional cycle work?

The basic point is to understand the importance of every single ingredient to make perfect wealth pie. Being healthy is the base or the starting point form where your journey to achieve wealth begins. Health allows you to work hard, remain stress-free, active, progressive, and effective to get whatever you wished for.

The wealth cycle starts with physical health that means being healthy physically. A physically fit person can start any kind of success journey whether it is easy or difficult. Without being physically and healthy you can never get even the starting point.

The second pillar of the wealth cycle is your mental condition. Mental health is also an essential part of this cycle. Maybe you can think about how mental health fits in the cycle? But it’s really simple….only a physically fit body possesses a strong, confident, and active mind that can take decisions and find ways to achieve success towards wealth.

Next comes the communal part. Communal pillar to achieve wealth impacts almost everything. From people’s ability to work, educational achievements, happiness, being financially healthy, and life expectancy everything comes under its supervision. Communal pillar of this cycle helps to reduce gaps caused by location, social status, race, ethnicity, income, and other factors. And in the end, all these physical, mental, and communal health pillars bring you to the final destination of wealth that is financial health.

From here the cycle begins again. After achieving financial health it doesn’t mean forget the previous pillars because gaining financial health doesn’t mean compromising physical, mental, and communal health. Combining all of these four ingredients you can finally make a perfect and delicious wealth-pie.


WEALTH BAND is established by Martez House and Wealth Brand is a plat based lifestyle brand. Aim of this foundation is to educate people about:

  • Refueling body with consistent nutrition of a plant-based diet.
  • Achieving strength and athletic powers by the physical prototype.
  • Successfully handling life’s stress with emotional wellness.

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