benefits of Trauma Therapy

What are the benefits of Trauma Therapy

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Trauma is an unpleasant experience, but many people don’t realize that traumatic events may have long-term effects on the brain.   Traumatic stress may enhance amygdala activity, reduce medial prefrontal function, and shrink hippocampus sizes. People may be devastated by traumatic events like natural disasters, violence, abuse, significant disease, and even a worldwide catastrophe like ….  Read More

Total Permanent Disability Claims

Everything You Want to Know about Total Permanent Disability Claims

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Superannuation is a company-sponsored pension plan for its own employees’ sake. It is commonly known as a firm pension plan. Superannuation funds can grow tax-free until retirement or withdrawal if deposited in an account with an appropriate investment strategy. A superannuation fund is established as monies accrue from employer and employee contributions and other sources, ….  Read More

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Things to look before considering aesthetic clinic Singapore

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The anesthetic clinic provides more than just fillers, Botox, and facelifts. Popular cosmetic procedures include anti-aging, thread lifts, eye bag treatments, and hair loss treatments. The urge to appear better is fueling an explosion in aesthetic medical clinics in Singapore. Thanks to recent advancements in aesthetic medicine, devices and machines. Aesthetic treatments in Singapore are ….  Read More

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Overcome Guide

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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Swelling of the abdomen Bloating, abdominal pressure, loss of appetite Bloating, indigestion, nausea, weight loss Diarrhea or constipation, frequent or difficult urination Back pain and radiating pain in the legs Rarely, acute abdominal pain strongest Rarely, bleeding from the vagina The signs and symptoms depend largely on the spread of the tumor. ….  Read More