Moringa is Magical Herbs!

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For the people of Indonesia and South India, Moringa is a part of their staple diet. This small plant, native to

the foothills of the Himalayas, has been cultivated for food since times immemorial. In Bali it grows as a weed

and the Indonesians have used it as a part of their cuisine ever since they can remember. So what is the

sudden hype is about this small, humble looking plant? Packed with the goodness of nutrients like no other

food, Moringa also called horse-radish tree or drumstick tree has calcium equal to 2 glasses of milk,

potassium found in 4 bananas and iron and antioxidant levels like never seen before in any other food.

Moringa is no ordinary plant, it is a super food.

Here we have decoded Moringa and its benefits to you with scientific facts and not just health fads.


What is Moringa?

There are many species of this magic herb but Moringa oleifera is the commonest. It is small plant and is

commonly cultivated in Asia especially Indonesia and India. Moringa has tissue protective, anti inflammatory,

anti oxidant and highly nutritious properties. It is most popularly used as a leaf supplement but the flowers,

pods and roots are also edible.


Hunting For Moringa in Indonesia

Since Moringa grows naturally in Indonesia, a many of the locals are using it to create nature friendly and

sustainable livelihood opportunities for themselves. It is known as the ‘tree of life’ among Indonesians.

Moringa is an essential part of the Indonesian cuisine and traditional medicine and it is safe to assume that

the Indonesians know the process of its cultivation extremely well, probably the best. The goodness of nature

and the precision of scientific techniques beautifully meet in this magic herb especially as the tropical climate

in Indonesia ensures that the plant’s natural benefits are preserved. The herb in the Indonesian units is usually

prepared and dried in small batches, maintaining the utmost care to avoid contamination. So when you

choose Moringa from Indonesia, you not only choose nature’s best and purest but you also support the

livelihood of farmers in Indonesia who are striving to provide good health to people globally.

In a lot of developing countries like Indonesia, the masses do not have access to drugs or supplements and

the answer to malnutrition is traditional supplements like Moringa. A large number of women in Indonesia are

anemic which leads to excessive bleeding right after child-birth. If left unaddressed, the woman can die within

2-10 minutes. The need for addressing malnutrition in these countries is real and urgent and the answer lies

in the magic herb of Moringa. Moringa is prescribed clinically in many parts of Indonesia and the results are

well documented, recorded and analyzed, forming the equal of clinical trials.

Whether you are suffering from malnutrition in a developing country or are a busy professional, Moringa is the

magic herb which caters to the wide variety of health needs which affect the people all over the globe. You can buy moringa powder from indonesia in kratomnesia.

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Benefits of Moringa

Powerhouse of Nutrients

The leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant. The leaves are abundant in a plethora of nutrients such

as Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (pro vitamin A), Calcium, Manganese, Iron and other essential nutrients. In fact,

the leaves of this magic herb are so rich in Iron that it has been proposed to use them to combat Iron

deficiency among pregnant women and children in areas of low resources where supplements are not readily

accessible. The seed pods are also a storehouse of nutrition, packed with Vitamin C and dietary fibre.

Regular consumption of Moringa leads to healthy vision, strong bones and a disease free heart. It is no

wonder that the magic plant has found its way into the everyday cooking of the south Asian homes.


Fighting The Free Radicals

The toughest fighter should go against a strong enemy. Free radicals, in excess have been found to be the

root of some of the deadliest diseases such as cancer. Therefore, it is only apt that we try to fight them to

the best of our efforts. Moringa, bountiful in flavinoids, polyphenols and ascorbic acid, has been proven to

have high levels of free radical scavenging activity. It also prevents DNA oxidation, keeping the tissues and

cells away from damage and maintaining a healthy environment within the body.


Fatigue and Stress

Fatigue and stress are the commonest affliction of the 21 st century. 10% of the world’s population is under

acute fatigue. Due to the challenges of a demanding lifestyle, taking care of one self is often neglected. Iron

deficiency is a common cause of fatigue. Taking Moringa leaves supplement pumps up the body’s iron stores

and lead to a sense of well-being. Remember how we keep saying that Moringa is a magic herb? Well, it is for

a reason! Moringa is rich in adaptogens which are foods which help a person adapt better to the environment

by increasing alertness and attention span, thus reducing stress. Moreover, Moringa is rich in calcium and iron

which lead to a burst of energy when consumed. Thinking of swapping your coffee for a Moringa smoothie?


Bid Diabetes Goodbye

Diabetes is a disease which is rampantly affecting the population from the young adults to the elderly. The

frightening part is that there is no cure to it. However, controlling blood sugars is the only way one can fight

this disease and the secret is found in this magic herb. Moringa has been proven to cut blood glucose levels

and oxidative stress, making sure that the body’s cells are free from damage.


Hello, Healthy Skin

Who does not want clear and glowing skin? Moringa, with its property of flushing out harmful toxins and

abundance in Vitamin A not only ends up with astounding results of a clear skin but also visibly thicker and

healthier hair. It is used as a part of traditional medicine to treat dandruff, athlete’s foot, warts and gingivitis.


Bulking Up The Muscles

Moringa has all the essential amino acids and the leaves have 25% content of protein which is a surprisingly

large protein content for a plant source of protein. Therefore, it is the ideal source of protein especially for

vegans and vegetarians who are looking to bulk up their muscle mass.


Clean Water, Healthy Lives

You thought Moringa’s use ends at consumption for health? People in Asia have harvested this magic herb’s

properties to make water suitable for human and animal consumption. Moringa seed cake, obtained after

extracting the oil is used for this purpose. The seeds are rich in dimeric cationic proteins which clump the

colloids in the water together. Once these colloid particles clump together, it is easy to remove them through

filtration or sedimentation followed by decantation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Moringa is known to help treat a variety of other conditions. The list could

go on endlessly. The take home message is that if you have feeling let down by the hollow promises of the

health fads these days, rest assured that Moringa is the magic herb which will not fail to address your health


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