Medicare Covered Braces for back pain – straighten and stabilize

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A chronic form of back pain is facet joint osteoarthritis. It is degenerative, that is due to wear and usually a very painful matter. There are special back braces for this condition.
If the doctor diagnoses facet joint arthrosis, special back braces can help. They raise, stabilize and can relieve pain. You can apply for free Medicare Braces to treat this disease effectively.

The braces are also used for herniated discs, lumbalgia(deep back pain), lumbago and muscle tension and chronic discomfort. The doctor can prescribe them if necessary, in the medical supply the orthosis is adapted.

Facet joint osteoarthritis – inflammatory joint wear on the spine

The spine raises the body and stabilizes it. It consists of 24 movable vertebrae with intervertebral discs and the sacrum and coccyx. The posterior connection of the vertebral bodies form the paired facet joints. They are surrounded by a lubricious cartilage layer and provide mobility of the spine.

As the discs wear and their height decreases, the pressure on the facet joints increases. The cartilages can wear out and the bones rub on each other. The facet joint arthrosis then leads to chronic, deep-seated back pain. The wear of the intervertebral discs also affects the S-shape of the spine, the pelvis tilts backwards and the back hurts. Then back Medicare braces can help.

Without side effects: lumbar braces for back pain

In lumbar orthotics there are special designs for the relief of the facet joints. They can relieve chronic stress and rest pain and improve mobility.

The belly sail and the compressive knit create a circular pressure, which is infinitely regulated by the belt system. The lower double belt includes the sacroiliac joint and the pelvis and straightens it up. The upper double strap stabilizes the lumbar spine and the lumbosacral junction. As a result, an improved posture is achieved. The additional stabilizing elements in the area of ​​the lumbar spine reinforce this effect.

For a high wearing comfort users should choose braces with breathable, antibacterial equipment on OrthoticTelemeds. Comfortable seating is ensured by a soft closure system and comfort zones in the groin with buckling edges.