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In many modern countries, there are state commissions, including medical experts, to assess bodily injury. These commissions are often composed equally, and include judges as well as representatives of victims’ associations as health professionals. Medical experts are often licensed and recognized.

Such institutions and commissions thus offer guarantees of neutrality to the victims.

In Switzerland, and surprisingly, there is no accreditation of medical experts, let alone commissions for the compensation of victims. Every doctor can be expert.

A Swiss victim has no other resources than to submit a claim to the insurer, who in many cases will decide to submit his state of health and medical malpractice to his own medical adviser or expert.

Even if the integrity of the doctor consulted by the insurer is not questioned, his opinion remains the one issued for the insurer, who also remunerates him. We cannot therefore consider the existence of a neutral medical opinion.

Victims and insureds are little or not organized in Switzerland. They therefore offer no counter-power to that of insurers.

Yet the opinion of a medical expert is often decisive. According to the opinion given by doctor called “expert”, lawyers like New York Construction Accident Attorney cannot change anything. The courts will tend to be tidy. It should be noted that the opinion issued by the treating doctor who follows you and treats you will have little or no weight, the Courts considering that the doctor by definition issues an opinion in favor of his patient.

This situation has led the Road Lawyers to set up a network of independent medical experts. These doctors were chosen for their perfect knowledge of the different fields of medicine but also on the requirement of their total neutrality and independence vis-à-vis insurers.

By having its own network of medical experts, your Road Attorney will be able to support you not only legally but also medically.