Lavender, essential oil for body and mind

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The many benefits of lavender oil have been known since antiquity. The plant is also the subject of a beautiful record in the second issue of the magazine “SIMPLE THINGS” which I will discuss further. If we use lavender to scent the house or keep away insects, its uses for health and cosmetics are innumerable and this especially in the form of essential oil.

Lavender, a natural weapon for health

Lavender essential oil, a must of the pharmacy case

Small sores, various ailments: lavender is very useful in everyday life, both for cosmetic uses and for health. Since you will probably have your essential oil easily at hand, here is a non-exhaustive list of its uses. As with any HE, beware of animals and small children, and possible allergies of course: it is natural but active.

  1. Healing: a first aid oil

The lavender essential oil is one of the essential if only for this reason: it is antiseptic and healing. In addition to shallow wounds, it can be used on mild burns, including sunburn . In this case, it is best to combine it with a little aloe Vera gel.

  1. Lavender, perfect for de-stressing

The essential oil is then diffused into the room. This HE is perfect for relaxing, reducing stress and restoring sleep. In addition to diffusion, a variant consists in adding a few milliliters in a relaxing bath.

It is also possible to massage the temples with lavender essential oil to reduce anxiety and treat headaches due to stress.

  1. Lavender for the skin

Whether in shampoo, mask or lotion, lavender rebalances sebum. It is therefore ideal for oily hair, seborrheic dermatitis or acne. It can be mixed with jojoba oil applied to the face, or mixed with more complex preparations. In this case, she can also participate in homemade recipes for anti-aging or anti-cellulite products.

  1. towards a better blood circulation

Lavender essential oil can help you find better blood circulation, but also better lymphatic circulation. It is then added to a neutral massage oil to stimulate.