Important Treadmill Buying Guidelines

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Buying a treadmill for home is an important step in your process of losing weight and improving your health. This step shows your motivation to work your heart rate to have a fit body and live longer. Installing a treadmill in your home will make the practice of running simpler and will also eliminate the tips associated with your monthly or annual subscription to your gym. Plus, the weather will never hinder your motivation to put on your running to run your 10km Sunday.

Our treadmill buying guide will help you choose the best treadmill, not the best performer or the most expensive, but the treadmill that will suit your budget and your individualized exercise needs.

Here are the important features to consider when buying a carpet.


This criterion does not apply to manual treadmills. The electric treadmill motors generally vary from 1.25 hp to 4 hp. Many carpet manufacturers advertise this power as continuous and not as a maximum power that can reach the carpet under particular conditions of use. It should be noted that 1.25 HP engines are widely regarded as sub-standards and are often insufficient. It is suitable for very occasional users of carpet or light users.

For people looking to lose weight by walking or for joggers should be moving towards a 1.75CV engine at 2 HP. More powerful engines are required for midweight runners. You have to at least start from the 2.5 HP in this case.

Consider that the weight of the user that requires a more powerful motor. Users weighing more than 100kg are encouraged to purchase a treadmill with at least one 3 HP engine at the risk of greatly reducing the life of a less powerful carpet. Also note that quieter motors are often present in the most expensive carpet brands. Indeed, the more expensive carpets often arrive in the sports halls, while the carpets more “low end” are intended for domestic use.

The size of the racetrack

The size of the running track of a carpet varies as well in length as in width. The length of the track is not the most important criterion if you want to buy a carpet for walking. However, it becomes a decisive criterion for riders who wish to make long strides during their training. Most walkers are invited to go on small carpets. Large sized people and runners are advised to orient themselves to buying a mid-size see-through carpet. The width of the runway can be significant for people who move their arms significantly during exercise.

Thickness of the race track

There are two major types of thickness on treadmills, the double plus and the 4 folds. Of course the thickest tracks are the most durable compared to the simple fold. Thicker tracks also tend to be quieter. The interest of a silent carpet helps prevent the whole house or building from knowing when you are running and if you run with the TV, you will avoid pushing the sound thoroughly. The size of the metal roller that propels a track is also an important component in choosing a carpet. Indeed, wider rollers help to extend the life of the belt.

The speed of the carpet

Treadmills that reach a top speed of 16 km / h are sufficient for most users. Of course, runners who already have a good level of racing can move towards machines offering higher speeds.

Padding of the track

A good padding of the track helps to protect the joints of treadmill users from the impact of exercise. Compared to road racing, running on treadmills usually reduces between 15% and 40%. The reduction of the impact makes it possible to work the endurance without making suffer the body. More and more treadmills feature adjustable damping so users can choose their preferred combination of support and padding. Indeed, the risk would be to hurt themselves the day the rider falls back on a road race.


The maximum tilt of most treadmills is between 10% and 15%. This allows users to consume more calories than during a flat surface training. Often the treadmills are equipped with a second small motor that controls the slope, but the cheapest portable models require manual adjustment.


We are far from the treadmills of a few years ago that only inform you about the running time and distance traveled. Today, treadmills are sold with at least 8 programs already installed. These are usually designed for a variety of exercise goals, such as weight loss or endurance work. Many carpets now have very comprehensive training programs that track your progress between your different sessions. Some very sophisticated models offer you virtual tours using Google Maps technology.