Hypnosis Weight Loss Treatments: Do They really Work? [Best Answer]

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Millions of people are battling obesity in the world. If you are looking to shed a few pounds, you have probably seen the many fad diets, pills, and miracle weight loss courses that are out there, most of which simply don’t work. One of the alternative treatments that is gaining attention is hypnosis for weight loss. But does it work?

What are hypnosis weight loss treatments?

When you think of hypnosis, chances are you envision a carnival act, with the hypnotist dangling a pocket watch and making your friend cluck like a chicken. In reality, hypnosis can be a powerful therapy tool. When you are put into a hypnotic state by a qualified hypnotist, you become susceptible to suggestion. This means that the hypnotist can help mold your way of thinking so that weight loss becomes easier. Now we can use hypnosis for weight loss .While you won’t instantly become a health food fanatic, a hypnosis session can help encourage positive thinking, and improve your willpower so that when you are faced with temptation, you are able to resist.

Undergoing a hypnosis session will not help if you are unwilling to change your diet and exercise habits. Both of these are essential if you want to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off. However the right hypnotherapist can make it easier for you to stick to your plan. One of the major hurdles when it comes to weight loss is your own mind. It is your brain that tells you that it’s okay to cheat this one time, or that if you skip your workout today, it won’t make a big difference. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis can help you banish those negative thoughts, and stay on track.

How do you find a qualified hypnotherapist?

Since there several different licensing and education options for hypnotherapists, it can be difficult to tell who is most qualified. A good option is to look at reviews. A good therapist will have glowing reviews and will be able to provide you with references. Avoid any therapist who isn’t willing to show you testimonials or examples of happy clients.

Make sure you compare prices as you look for a good hypnotherapist. A good rule of thumb is to avoid both the highest and lowest priced options. The highest may be overcharging, and the lowest is more likely to be under-qualified or be cutting corners somewhere. If cost is a factor, instead of looking for the lowest priced clinic, look for discounts and new client promotions at the mid-priced ones.

In addition to having good reviews and proper qualifications, you also need to be comfortable with your therapist. Regardless of how qualified they are, if you cannot relax in their presence, you will not be able to reach the state in which you become open to suggestion.

If you are struggling with your weight, hypnosis weight loss treatments may be able to help. With the added boost to your motivation and willpower, you will be able to more effectively resist temptation and stick with your diet and exercise plan.

Self-hypnosis can support and motivate you by retraining you to:

  1. Enjoy exercise.

  2. Consume healthy food, instead of comfort or junk food.

  3. Drink water rather than drinks high in calories.

  4. Not drink alcohol.

  5. Not eat foods high in calories.

10 Key points to Remember:

  1. Stabilize your energy levels and stop your addiction to sugar.

  2. Rethink your love of fast foods and reclaim your natural shape.

  3. Stop grazing throughout the day.

  4. Use other activities to relieve boredom.

  5. Assume the thought tactics of slender individuals.

  6. Gain control of your diet by gaining control in the kitchen.

  7. Apply hypnosis to offer some comfort (minus the calories!).

  8. Reprogram your brain with your weight loss targets.

  9. Learn to distinguish between an actual hunger pang and an emotional trigger.

  10. Employ best hypnosis program / weight loss course to help you keep up your motivation and obtain your weight loss targets.

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