How Turmeric Is Better Than Prozac – Its Benefits to Cure Depression

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Turmeric and Prozac both are widely used to help in depression and anxiety conditions. In this article, we try to explain the benefits and side effects of both one by one and try to conclude which one is better and how in light of facts and figures.

What is turmeric?

The spice turmeric comes from the root of the perennial plant, Curcuma longa. Its native origin is India, and it is a member of the ginger family. This root is the main spice used in curry, which is also what makes curry so deep orange in color.

More importantly than its origin and color are the benefits of Turmeric in the health and wellness industry. The health benefits of Turmeric have been known for thousands of years in India and is now used for its medicinal properties all over the world.

What makes turmeric a healthy root?

Hiding inside this healthy spice is curcumin, known as a powerful anti-inflammatory. That makes it potentially as effective as drugs like hydrocortisone and Motrin. The best way to enjoy the health benefits of Turmeric is to take it in extract form or in its pure, organic form. You can use Turmeric for depression, as it is widely famous to cure depression than any other drug in the world.

10 Types of Drugs Turmeric May be able to Replace or Supplement

  • Chemotherapy – When used properly, the health benefits of Turmeric can reach as far as fighting certain cancers as effectively as chemotherapy, except without side effects. The American Cancer Society has stated that laboratory studies show that curcumin interferes with the development of cancer and the spread of cancerous cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs– Most chronic diseases like cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, high cholesterol, and colitis are caused by inflammation. Curcumin from turmeric root is a powerful remedy with the ability to effectively reduce and control inflammation.
  • Steroids – Corticosteroids are used to treat conditions like lupus, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and scleroderma. What is conventionally treated with steroids can be treated as effectively with curcumin without side effects.
  • Antidepressants – Antidepressants like Prozac are used to treat people with severe depression, but these drugs cause adverse side effects According to one human study, curcumin is easily tolerated and just as effective at managing depression as Prozac.
  • Cholesterol drugs – Statin drugs are the conventional drug used to manage high cholesterol. Due to the dangerous side effects that have been associated with statin drugs, medical doctors are now offering and prescribing curcumin along with fish oil as an alternative and for the health benefits of turmeric.
  • Arthritis drugs – Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory attributes. Since arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the bones and joints, it makes sense that one of the health benefits of Turmeric would be managing arthritis.
  • Anticoagulant drugs – Conventional medications used to prevent blood clots include Warfarin (Coumadin), Naproxen, aspirin, Plavix, Ibuprofen, and Diclofenac. The problem with these drugs is that they can cause deep-vein thrombosis, excessive bleeding, haemorrhage, or pulmonary embolism. In the 1980s, studies proved that benefits of turmeric were effective and safer for preventing blood clots.
  • Diabetes drugs – Type 2 Diabetes is a growing problem in the United States. Diabetes, another chronic condition caused by inflammation and improper diet causes further health problems over time. Turmeric benefits your diet and is a natural way to treat and manage Type 2 Diabetes. It works to correct the issues that cause diabetes and can reverse the problems related to hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.
  • Painkillers – Pain management is one of the areas where the benefits of Turmeric shine. Turmeric boosts the body’s natural ability body to relieve pain by activating its opioid system. It is even being used to treat burns in the Military instead of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids.
  • IBS and gastrointestinal treatments – IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome), ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease are all caused by intestinal inflammation due to an imbalance of flora in the digestive tract. Curcumin has properties that reduce inflammation and heal the gut.

How to use Turmeric formula for depression

Neuroactive 6 is a complete formula to cure depression that includes lead ingredient turmeric. If you want to know more detail about it, read complete and honest Neuroactive 6 Review to get the idea of this amazing formula that explained everything in the detail with facts and covered all the pros and cons. Here is a short infographic that shows how turmeric can cure medical depression.


Besides Turmeric benefits are there side effects?

The proper use of turmeric benefits your body and isn’t known to cause adverse side effects for most people. However, if you have an allergy to the spice itself, it isn’t wise to use it. An itchy rash is the common side effect for those who are allergic.

High doses of turmeric may cause the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Contractions in pregnant women
  • Low blood pressure
  • Gallbladder contractions
  • High risk of bleeding
  • Raised results in liver function tests

If you are taking medications, you should use this root extract under the supervision of your physician, or as directed in order to enjoy Turmeric benefits. It can interfere with anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory drugs if it is not used with care

Prozac Side Effects

The Truth Behind Prozac Side Effects

As time goes by we already facing the tight competition between one another, therefore there are lots of psychiatric studies which tell you that there are lots of increasing of neurotic disorder such as schizophrenia, bipolar, or depressive and all these studies indicates that you need to be careful about the disorders that may haunt you in your life.

Talking about neurotic disorder we do believe based on the research that had been conducted by the world most famous psychiatric organizations showed than more than 1,5 million people get this disorder every day.

 And we also do believe that there is a big consequence behind the treatment that may cause new symptom that leads to a miss conduct diagnosis and treatment.

Fluoxetine or Prozac has become the most popular treatment that being prescript for more than 100 thousand depressive disorder patient and almost ¾ of the patient don’t show any betterment in their treatment, therefore the organizations had started to conduct a research and we found a shocking fact that the Prozac side effects itself has brought the new symptom of depressive disorder.

Prozac itself is a brand name of fluoxetine which also know as SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) or we can say that these drugs help you to feel happier because the hormone system which releases the good feeling had been selectively to increase and release more, therefore we can see that when ‘normal’ people use this drugs will cause a big euphoria which becomes un-stoppable the end.

Since the number is getting increase then some scientist had started to conduct research and found that the Prozac side effects will cause double symptoms and show un threatened disorder which can cause the people to need to spend their night in a mental hospital for further treatment. Not only which lead to the wrong diagnosis? This symptom also will make your depressive become worse because you need to take them more.

Another popular Prozac side effects are, sudden decrease of sexual desire after you take this pill within a week, bad nausea, and the possibility of long term memory loss.

You also need to understand that the effect of the pill will get decrease if you get other depressive symptoms that not related to the case before. Even though this case had been released to all over the world, we still can found that the doctors don’t know anything about the Prozac side effects that’s why this becomes the job that we need to do to help them and complain to change your medication into another medication.

If you have quite serious depressive symptoms, we really recommend you to ask your trustful psychiatrist about your medication the symptoms and how to solve your problems. Then what you need to before these bad things happen to you?

So we can easily conclude that Turmeric Is better than Prozac and have lesser side effects and more benefits.

There are few tricks that you can floor when dealing with the depressive syndrome because you should never underestimate the effect of depressive disorder on your life and people surround you. Start your healthy life now!