How Traditional Neck Pain Treatments Can Avoid The Surgical Knife

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Have neck pain due to cervical spine problems? Surgery is your last option. Before you consider going to the knife try alternative methods that are non-surgical.

Relieve Pain with the Neck Traction Device

Neck traction devices are usually recommended by chiropractors to relieve stiff and aching neck muscles. These devices are portable and can be used anytime at home or the office. It’s an excellent, handy substitute to pain medication for your aching neck.

Neck traction devices require no setting up with weights and ropes. The modern devices are easy and safe to use, you simply wrap the device around your neck securing it with the attachment and inflating it with the hand held pump. When the neck traction device is inflated it lightly stretches your neck upwards holding it in proper place.


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Neck Exercises – Harmful or Good?

There are several causes of neck pain. The ones that are relatively common than other are tension, stress, improper sleeping position, long hours on the computer, nerve damage, whiplash and injuries. Neck exercises play a great role in giving relief from the severe neck pain.

However, if neck exercises are not performed properly it can cause massive damage to the neck muscles and tissue. Though, improper postures can cause tears in the muscles and connective tissues. Neck exercises loosen up muscles, which results in the healing of neck pain.

What most people don’t realize is the fine line between relaxing your neck muscles and stretching them to the extent where they can make the existing pain more vulnerable. While performing neck exercises, you have to take extra care and perform each posture with attention.

Neck exercises should always be performed slowly with deep breathing. Holding a posture for too long can also create tension in the neck muscles and connective tissues. The safe way to perform neck exercises is to consult an instructor or someone with medical background who can guide you to perform the right postures.

More Home Neck Pain Relief Products

Many minor neck injuries can be successfully treated at home. Here are the most popular neck pain products that you can buy in the store:

1. Ice Pack

2.Heat Pad

3.Cervical Neck Traction

Recently, there is an inflatable cervical traction device that can be used at home. These devices can relieve pain in a big way.

Can Strong Hands to treat your neck?

Physical therapy treatments will vary depending on the condition. Treatment will likely include a few basic elements:

  • Heat and ice- these treatments can be very effective on sore muscles!
  • Massage- there are a number of different types; all effective and painful
  • Stretches- physical therapists can stretch so much better than you!
  • Joint Mobilization- physical therapists love these too
  • Neck Traction- physical therapists usually have some powerful devices
    Ultrasound & electric stimulation


Our Lifestyle Causes Neck Pain and This is What You Should Do
Nowadays, people are looking for something that can give them relief from the nightmare of neck pain and does not affect their daily routine. Neck traction devices play a surprising role in curing neck pain for people that are accustomed to postures that greatly causes neck pain.

Spending prolonged hours on the computer and in front of the television is the major cause for neck pain. Even driving a car for a long period of time, you will encounter severe neck and back pain.


Chiropractors, also called Bone Crackers
Chiropractic procedures can be effective, but be careful! These are the techniques that they usually use:

  • Spinal manipulation- gentle manipulation of the cervical region
  • Spinal Manipulation II, not so gentle cervical manipulation
  • Cervical Neck Traction – Chiropractors have the best machines
  • Ultrasound and Electric Stimulation


Happy Pills & Addictive Pain Killers

Opioids (morphine, hydromorphone), Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, various muscle relaxants, steriods and antidepressants are available, but be aware of the addictive side effects.

Pain medications can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the patient. Pills (tablets or capsules) and liquids.

We strongly advice you avoid taking these pain killers for a long period of time. It does your body more damage than giving relieve in the neck, such as liver damage and addiction.


Surgeries are Not Your Solution

Some people are unable to stand the severity of neck pain and go for a surgery to get rid of it. It’s true that surgery helps in putting away the neck pain forever but you may face side effects in the long run. You may get rid of the pain but there is no remedy to get rid of the after effects of the surgery.

On the other hand, some people opt for herbal remedies and medication to get relief from their neck pain. These herbal treatments are expensive and guarantee no successful results. The chances of success in herbal treatment are very few.

In short, surgery and herbal treatment should be your last resort. Technology is improving with every passing day and similar advancements are taking place in neck traction devices as well. Neck traction devices are reasonable and easy to excess giving 100% guarantee from the neck pain.


If you have almost tried all of the treatments listed above, it might take you a few years to find out which method gives you the best relief. Found your relief without going to surgery! Sometimes surgery is unavoidable, but you owe it to yourself to explore all the alternatives first.


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