How to take care of the skin

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It is important to know how to take care of the skin by resorting to the use of natural remedies and products, dispensing whenever possible with chemical products.


The skin is the largest organ in the body. Its three main functions are: act as a barrier against external agents, contain sensory receptors, and regulate body temperature. The skin is formed by an outer layer called Epidermis and the inner layer called Dermis.

As a wrapping organ, the skin represents the whole person and reacts to changes in the environment.
Therefore, given the importance of the skin in our body, you should provide the comprehensive care necessary to keep it healthy.

Knowing how to take care of the skin is essential so that we can keep it healthy and radiant.

The skin, the mirror of the body

The health of the skin is related to the quality of circulating blood and this in turn, to maintain healthy systems and organs and in full operation.

The appearance of the skin is an obvious sign of the general state of the body. According to Natural Medicine, the skin is considered a third lung, for its function of elimination of waste substances and toxins resulting from cellular metabolism and, by skin respiration, both fundamental to maintain the health of the entire organism.

Due to this close relationship of the skin with the internal organs, most disorders have their origin in an unbalanced and toxic diet, hormonal alterations, chronic constipation and oral infections.

Sweat is the main form of elimination of waste substances that are stored and neutralized in the skin. This physiological process shows the body’s difficulties in waste disposal.

Emotions were on the surface

During the formation of the human embryo the skin is intimately related to the nervous system, because both organs are developed from the same embryological layer.

In the skin feelings and emotions are reflected as anguish (flushing), anxiety (sweating) and fear (pallor, erection of cutaneous hair). Thus, the skin is closely related to the mind.

How to take care of the skin

The main comprehensive care that the skin needs to maintain its beauty and functionality are: regular cleaning, promote blood circulation rubbing gently, be alert to diseases and infections and provide adequate hydration and nutrition. Peeling or facial and body exfoliation favors cell renewal.

  • Hydration:Water is essential for the skin. The level of water in the body is obtained from the water we drink and from the water contained in the food. It is necessary to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily to balance the losses especially in summer, and thus keep the skin properly hydrated. A well-hydrated skin can eliminate toxins more effectively.
  • Nutrition:a diet based on natural juices, fruits and vegetables and even fasting will get rid of the intestine and make it easier for the skin to eliminate waste substances. Avoid an excess of acidifying foods such as refined sugars, red meats or cow’s milk, and thus facilitate the drainage of the skin tissue. The skin needs vitamins, minerals and proteins, among other nutrients. Fruit, green leafy vegetables and vegetables are foods that, in addition to their high water content, also provide essential vitamins and minerals for health.
    It is important to maintain a skin care to get an adequate supply of lipids, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids (oils of seeds, nuts and blue fish), in addition to vitamin E which is antioxidant and neutralizes the action of free radicals that cause skin aging .
  • Raw Skin Representation Matters is vital to the psychological wellbeing of individuals and our collective society. It steps up and represents your raw skin as often as you represent slayed skin.


Maintaining healthy skin depends on hereditary factors and not suffering from skin conditions such as atopic skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, or others. In addition, its good appearance is due to adequate comprehensive care that we give.

Among them stand out, the application of sunscreens and, it is convenient to avoid tobacco and environmental pollution and an inadequate lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, water and the practice of regular physical exercise will be the best care to maintain a radiant skin, mirror of the soul.