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A quick glance at pictures of beautiful sandy beaches, translucent waters, a studio overlooking the ocean and gracious bodies in the posture of the triangle of yoga retreats makes you want to be there to temporarily forget the whirlwind of everyday life and relax a bit. To help confused yogis who would like to live this experience, but do not know how to go about it, here is a little guide to turn your dreams into reality!

Decide if you’re ready for this adventure

All the reasons are good for going into a yoga retreat, but the most popular are: deepen your knowledge and skills in the field, change your lifestyle for the better and improve your psychological state.

Know that a yoga retreat is not the typical trip and you have to be ready to invest 100% if you want to get the most benefits, both physically and mentally.

Find the destination that’s right for you

To combine business with pleasure, first determine what would interest you: a yoga wellness center, a yoga school, live in an ashram or to go abroad? Once you have made your choice, you must decide what kind of environment you would like (sunny beaches, teeming jungle, imposing mountains, arid desert, etc.).

Gaia Retreat House, a German retreat center, is saying that the best places in Europe for Yoga retreats are Spain, France & Germany. In the United States, it is California, Hawaii and Florida. If you want to immerse yourself in a beach / sun combo, the destinations to prefer are Indonesia, Costa Rica and Morocco.

If it’s more adventure and change of scenery that drive you, go for fast-growing destinations like Cuba, Uganda and Ecuador.

Choose your moment

The popularity of destinations varies seasonally, so you can decide which times are best for you and some countries will be more involved. For example, the best summer destinations are the three European destinations mentioned above, while the winter destinations are Cambodia, Mexico and Morocco.

Otherwise, destinations that are favorable throughout the year are Australia, Indonesia and the United States.

Plan your budget

As in all types of travel, going abroad is very often expensive and you have to be willing to pay some money to meet your needs and expectations.

Choose your yoga style

Yoga is more than complicated postures, it’s a way of life. So you have to choose the style (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Ananda, Hatha, etc.), so you would like to practice / improve (flexibility, tone, energy, calm, harmony with oneself, self-control, etc.).

Choose related activities

Since yoga is a way to apprehend the world, a yoga retreat is very often done in conjunction with other activities. You can choose your combinations: surfing, pilates, hiking, massages, etc.

Prepare your suitcases

For a successful yoga holiday, there is one of the must-have items: a reusable water bottle, comfortable yoga pants, a yoga mat (only if you are not provided with it or if you are more reluctant to share it with several other people) and a meditation shawl and / or yoga blanket.