How to overcome Vision problems naturally

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You crave healthy vision, but won’t wear corrective lenses or medical surgery? Natural ways to improve vision has not been tested scientifically, some of the tips and exercises you can try, following maybe can help.

Pushups pencil

1 => Prepare a pencil, mark the heart. Draw the letters, numbers or the point on the stem of the pencil. In this exercise, focus your development of eye pencil and point all by dragging the pencil approach and out of sight. Push ups pencil is known to be correct the double vision and eyes squint, but also safe if you want to try to solve other problems of vision. In addition, it is free and is not painful, it takes just practice settings and your concentration.

2 => Pocket pencil in front of your face, as far as the arm span. Hold the pen vertically so that the ends of the part, the cast ordinary Eraser, to the ceiling or the floor.

If the other person helps you with pencil grip, expand your arm to measure its distance from the eye. You can also consider eyesight test if you feel any sign of it.

3 => Focus on your eyes to the existing signs in the pencil rod. Do not do the next step until you feel really good eyes.

4 => All by keeping the focus of the eye to the same point, drag the pencil slowly approaching your face. Try sliding the pencil in a straight line, leading to the nose.

This pencil closer, your eyes will adjust for focus on the same point.

5 => Stop when you see the two pencils. If the pencil begins to look as if double, slippery stop approaching face.

6 => Look away, or close your eyes for a few seconds. Without moving the head or pencil, diverting attention from your eyes for a moment. Look at something else and don’t worry in pencil it for at least 5 seconds. If it’s hard, close your eyes.

7 => Face-to-back pencil. Make the focus in pencil for eyes after that fresh eyes once again if you do not see two pencils. Here you can read 8 make tips for your face that keep you fresh whole day.

If she seems still two pencils, rest your eyes for a few seconds again, and then try again. Do not be discouraged if the pencil has been double still visible after a second trial. Your efforts will improve later! Simply continue to the next step.

8 => Slowly slide the pencil away from your face. Focus on the signs you describe on the stem of the pencil when pencils were away. Before sliding up the length of your arm.

9 => Repeat this exercise. A new pencil push-up is optimal if you do over and over again every day. Set aside 4 minutes a day initially, then try to add up to 9 minutes.

If you are difficult to keep track of time or trouble, do this exercise while listening to music. Think of the two songs is equivalent to 4 minutes, and three tracks are equivalent to 9 minutes.