How to optimize your health expenses?

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Increase of the tariffs of complementary health, decrease of the refunds, lack of information, the patients have more and more difficulties to take care of themselves with less cost.

As proof, a study reveals that one in three French renounces today to heal and that 22% of French people would sacrifice health posts such as optics and dental deemed too expensive and not reimbursed.
However, it is possible to reduce your health costs by following a few simple tips recommended by Prescription Hope.

Think about free health checks

  •  For the insured

Social security offers every 5 years, to all insured persons and entitled persons, whatever its health insurance scheme, a free assessment to detect the first signs of a disease. This assessment is thus primarily addressed:

  • To the beneficiaries of the active solidarity income and the CMU
  • For the unemployed
  • To 16 to 25 year olds in training course
  • To people aged 60 to 75
  • For the disabled and beneficiaries of a work accident annuity
  • To inactive people who have been exposed to hazardous materials during their working life (asbestos, wood dust)

This assessment, lasting two and a half hours, takes place in one or two stages depending on the centers. It provides biomedical analyzes (blood, urine), tests (visions, hearing and breathing capacity) as well as a clinical examination performed by a doctor. Complementary examinations or a medical follow-up can be triggered following this assessment with a consultation at the doctor totally supported by the Health Insurance.
To benefit from it, you can send an application for registration to your Health Insurance Fund which will contact you later.

  • For kids

The departmental maternal child protection service, offers pregnant women and children under 6 years a free health check.
The Health Insurance also offers children and adolescents aged 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 years, a free oral exam called “M’Tdents”. One month before their birthday, an invitation is sent by the Health Insurance. You can choose to bring your child to the dentist of your choice with the care voucher attached to the mail. This exam does not require any advance fees.
If your child must receive additional care following this examination (treatment of cavities and roots, descaling …), this care is covered 100% by the Health Insurance provided they are carried out nine months after the examination.