How to know the purity of essential oils

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The essential oils are natural products extracted from various plants used in therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. They are lotions that preserve the natural chemical compounds of plants, indicated for the treatment of some ailments, discomforts or diseases. However, the interest in aromatherapy has increased so much that there are many companies that sell essential oils of poor quality, which are not pure and that can become counter-productive. That’s why; we help you to identify best essential oils brands with some tricks on how to know the purity of essential oils.

Steps to follow:


1: When you go to buy essential oils, choose well-known brands and go to reliable establishments such as those dedicated exclusively to aromatherapy, so you can count the advice of an expert. This factor is key since many companies add to the essential oil compounds that adulterate their purity. It is very common to be mixed with vegetable oils, synthetic aromatic oils or other cheaper essential oils with an aroma similar to the original.

2: The aroma is also crucial to know the purity of essential oils. Pure essential oils have a strong aroma and always smell the same as the plant they belong to. In contrast, diluted and adulterated essential oils do not smell that much and can cause itchy nose.

3: It is very important to review the labels of the essential oils and find in them some information such as the botanical name of the plant to which it belongs, its form of cultivation, the part of the plant from which it was extracted and the components it contains. Moreover, a pure essential oil of high quality should be 100% natural, concentrated, organic and with a high therapeutic level. You can read customers reviews to buy a best essential oil on their websites such as edens garden reviews.

4: The price of essential oils is not the same in all products, but varies from one to another depending on the extraction process. Therefore, if we go to a place where all the oils have the same price, it will mean that they are not pure and natural essential oils.

5: The essential oils embedded in plastic and light colored containers are not reliable, as they may have been damaged by light. In fact, pure essential oils must be stored in glass and dark bottles to protect them from light and preserve all their properties.

6: There is a test that shows if it is a pure essential oil or, on the contrary, it is of low quality. To do the check, you just have to pour a drop of the oil on a piece of paper, if the oil does not leave a mark and evaporate quickly, and then it is a pure essential oil. If the mark remains on the paper, it shows that the essential oil has been mixed with vegetable oil.