How to grow hair faster?

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The vitamins and minerals are essential to quickly grow hair. Indeed, there are 5 vitamins that facilitate hair growth. Here is a list of the best vitamins and minerals that are needed to grow your hair faster. These vitamins also make them healthy, black and thick. There are very few women or people with hair that grow naturally fast. According to statistics, the hair grows on average between 0.70 cm and 2 cm per month, which is probably very little. Especially when you are dealing with hair loss, that is to say a rupture and a fall of the hair against nature.

Faced with this, you cannot depend solely on natural hair growth and you need to do a few things to speed up their development. The vitamin and mineral supplements are the best hair growth and grow your hair faster and thicker.

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Vitamins make the natural hair more toned and cause the cells to develop rapidly. Experts say that vitamins and minerals are the food of human cells. They help them breed and maintain them. With the best offer of vitamin, you can have the hair longer and thicker. Sugar bear hair vitamins are extremely helpful in the hair growth. You can buy them cheaply by using Sugar bear hair coupon codes.   My friend used prenatal vitamins before her wedding and it really helped to grow her hair faster.


Consuming beta-carotene allows your body to produce new hair cells and nails. It is very important for the health of the scalp as well as the hair roots.

It works as an antioxidant and eliminates or blocks factors that reduce the speed of hair growth. Having a healthy scalp and strong roots allows you to find a better fashionable hairstyle. In addition, it promotes your immune system to fight against future diseases and infections. In the vitamin for hair , vitamin A should be taken in small amounts because with a higher amount, they can be harmful.

You will find vitamin A in butter, cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, herring, kidneys, liver, mackerel, milk, oils, liver pâté and trout.


This is still known and used in many hair products such as toners, conditioners, soaps and shampoos. It keeps the hair black, and accelerates hair growth by strengthening the scalp cells. In addition to marketed products, it can be obtained from many foods and diets that work best for your beauty. It is found in nuts, cheeses, and dairy products.


It’s not just one but a group of vitamins. The vitamin B complex comprises the following group of substances:

B1 – thiamine, B2 – riboflavin, B3 – nicotinic acid, B6 – pyridoxine, B12 – cobalamin, folic acid – folic acid

All of these vitamins play a vital role in the body. They do not reduce the hair but they promote more rapidly the hair growth.

They are found in apricots, asparagus, bananas, broccoli, cheese, dates, dried eggs, figs, fish, germ, milk, potatoes, brown rice, spinach, whole grain cereals, yogurt, pulses, meats, poultry and yeast extracts.


It improves circulation of blood to the scalp and accelerates the growth and development of the hair . It is a very influential antioxidant and if taken in large quantities, they can influence your blood pressure.

They are found in avocados, Brussels sprouts, blackberries, mangoes, corn oil, olive oil, safflower oil, salmon nut, spinach, sunflower oil, mackerel, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watercress, and whole grain products


We all know the importance of vitamin C in our general health. It is especially important in healing infections, vitamin C also plays an important role in hair growth. It makes them shiny, and favors their food and keeps them from dehydration. It protects the natural condition of the follicles and saves you from breaking and falling hair.

It is found in steamed broccoli, mango, lemon, tomato, grapefruit, orange, passion fruit, smoothies, kiwi, frozen peas in the cooked state and strawberries.

These are the best vitamins to grow hair faster. This does not mean that other vitamins are not important. In fact, hair health requires a balance of all the healthy nutrients that can be obtained from a balanced diet. Indeed, diet plays an important role in hair health.

In order to take care of your health, you must include different kinds of fruits and vegetables in your diet. A healthy body produces undoubtedly healthy and growing hair.