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A lot of you are not aware of the word and plant Kratom. Kratom is the tropical evergreen tree that belongs to the coffee family. Botanically called as Mitragyna speciosa. It is found in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other south Asian countries. Kratom has been burst out in recent years and Kratom for anxiety is being used on daily purposes in the US and all over the world. This pandemic situation has already given each many anxiety issues and the biggest of all is being trapped in your own houses. Leading normal healthy individuals towards the deterioration of their mental health resulting in unease, stressful conditions, and the worst of all sometimes giving us panic attacks.


Kratom works as a stimulant and also has an analgesic effect. It helps a human body to gain energy, focus on work, euphoria, lessens the internal pain and mostly we have seen that Kratom for anxiety purposes is being used by a major number of people.


Low Doses Of  Kratom  Shows

Kratom has reported some good stimulant effects at low doses. The good potential use of Kratom has been reported that people are having more energy, more alert, and more active and sociable when taken in low quantity.

High Doses Of Kratom Shows

At higher doses, kratom shows sedative, euphoric effects and dulling emotions and sensations which are not that good for human health.


Since we know about kratom and its effects and how beneficial it is for anxiety issues but are you aware that there are also several strains of Kratom, specifically that are used for anxiety are Yellow and Red vein strains which are reported.

The basic ingredient that helps reduces anxiety is an Alkaloid, Mitragynine which is also used to lessen up the pain and anxiety symptoms.  Also, kratoms help as an anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxant effect. For this reason, kratom is often used to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Kratom also acts as a mood booster along with providing a feeling of calm, lightened mood, and euphoria.

Kratom enthusiasts are those who may suffer from feelings like nervousness, insomnia, and agitation or even dread panic attacks may turned to kratom for anxiety issues problems.


Kratom is being available now in many types such as paste, tablet, and capsule form. Nowadays in the US, kratom is mostly used brewed as a tea for the management of anxiety which helps them to calm down throughout the day, and also for opioid withdrawal.

The leaves or the extract made out from the leaves also acts as a stimulant and sedative and you can take it as an extract or kehwa too. Reported to treat chronic pain, digestive ailments as well.


As we already got to know that Yellow and Red Vein strains of kratoms are being used widely for anxiety purposes. However, some other additional fermented strains are also being reported with a high success ratio in producing the desired anxiety reducer. For example, Chocolate or Brown Kratom which has been fermented with red strain. Here are the most popular strains available today.

  • Yellow Vietnam
  • Red Malay
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Chocolate Kratom


Due to its sedative effect, it is not considered a legal medicine still in a lot of countries such as Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and several European Union countries. However, it is legal in the United States and also marketed as alternative medicine. You can easily find it in any drug store that is selling supplements and medicines alternate.

As a result of being still banned in a lot of countries number of clinical tests and trials have been tested and tried still leaving us clueless about kratom’s health effects. Because of this, it is not been completely approved as a first choice medicine in such emergency treatments.


There are not any reports issued about kratom being addictive because of its daily use however a lot of people have that when they are taking it regularly it helps to reduce the pain, trouble sleeping, diarrhea and fever measures. But in case they have stopped using it they have experienced nervousness, tension, angriness, and even sadness.

Except for that, it is still very safe and secure if taken daily as for anxiety issues or any other mentioned medical condition.


Since we already have been through a lot of hard days where stress now resides down in our brains constantly and living in anxiety has become the new normal and the fear of this global pandemic and the uncertainty along with it. Choosing kratom for anxiety to ease the symptoms and to lessen the pressure can help you in bringing a lot healthier approach to your life.