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Choosing a yoga retreat is not always easy. We quickly get lost with all the offers available on the market! To help you, here are 3 tips to follow if you also want to associate the discovery for Ashtanga Yoga Retreats in Europe during your next vacation!

1. The choice of the destination

You can start by refining your search according to the type of holiday you want. Ask yourself for example which frame inspires you the most. The sea air, a tropical escape, the jungle, the desert, the mountain, the forest? If you are looking for a holiday yoga in the sun for example do not miss to take a look at this inspiring list! If you prefer an atypical destination, to go off the beaten track you can turn to a retreat in Kenya, Mongolia or Japan for example, change of scenery guaranteed!

2. The type of experience

What do you expect from a yoga holiday? Intensive courses? Moments of well-being and relaxation? Extras activities and discover the country?
It is important to choose a yoga holiday that suits your pace. If you want to spend a relaxing stay to connect to the present moment and the energy of nature you can for example orient yourself towards a stay including a digital detox or focusing on the spiritual side of yoga. You can also opt for a wellness yoga stay including treatments or spa if you want a relaxing yoga holiday. On the other hand, if you want a more rhythmic stay you can focus on yoga and adventure trips that offer well-loaded programs: surfing, hiking, jungle walks and excursions.

3. The budget

The budget to be provided will of course depend on the destination (think to add the price of the plane ticket), the number of days of stay and benefits included. Note that the majority of yoga retreat centers offer different categories of accommodation to suit all budgets. So you can choose between a budget option with a bed in shared dormitory or a private single room for a fee. Moreover, many organizations offer the possibility of paying in several times, do not hesitate to ask.

Participate in a yoga holiday is above all the opportunity to meet other travelers and yoginis, deepen yoga practice and enjoy unique and unforgettable holidays!