How to choose a quality personal trainer?

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Unfortunately, most people do not know how to assess the qualities of a good personal trainer. Most people use the price as a measure of comparison and are mainly motivated by getting a “good deal”. By choosing a coach only on the price, you may lose your money. With a poor quality personal trainer, you will not get the results you are looking for and may even end up with one (or more) injury (s). Finding a quality coach should be like finding a financial adviser. Would you entrust your hard earned money to someone “cheap”? Why would your decision-making process be different for your body? Make sure that what you pay for is the value of your investment, especially when it comes to your body. Your body is one of the only things you will possess until the end of you days.

Here are 5 qualities to look for when selecting a personal trainer:

  1. Client Focused

In any service business, I think passion is one of the most important elements. If you combine a client – centered approach to passion, the personal trainer will go beyond your expectations consistently. One of my favorite quotes by Stephen Covey is “get interested before you demonstrate how much you know”. Some coaches will try to impress you by the amount of knowledge they have; all they do is talk and talk and talk. However, client-centered coaches ask the right questions and have a very good listening ability. They are focused on understanding what matters to you, your goals, and your current lifestyle. As human beings, it is important to feel that others care about what is important to us. So make sure you feel so in the presence of your personal trainer.

  1. Internal Attitude and Motivation

Does he or she chill on topical issues or his life problems during your appointment? How is his attitude and motivation? Does he look at his mobile phone or write text messages between the series? A good indicator is someone who uses positive and motivating language; go for someone in their presence, increases your energy level and your mood.

  1. Competence and continuing education

Skills are important. Does your personal trainer personally invest in continuing education on a regular basis? It does not matter if he has a university degree in Kinesiology, or if he has 15 years of experience, if he does not pursue his studies, he will reach a plateau after a year or two. From my point of view, this is a big flaw among personal trainers. Most coaches think they can keep their knowledge up to date by investing less than $ 400 / year in continuing education. TOPs Personal Trainers invest more than $ 5,000 / year to maintain their leading edge expertise. They gladly make the investment knowing that this will enable them to help even more clients get results (without injury).

  1. Customization

Many personal trainers use the same recipe with each client. I recommend you find a personal trainer which is able to tailor your program to suit your lifestyle and goals. If your coach tells you that the only way to get results is to train 6+ hours / week (and does not tell you about nutrition), in my opinion it probably does not have your success at heart and / or does not have the necessary knowledge.

  1. Global Health

Personal Training Cincinnati is only a part of the equation, about 15-20%. What generates long term results is the right combination of healthy lifestyle habits that will help your body recover and stay in balance. Your personal trainer should know at least the basics of nutrition understand the importance of stress management and knows how to incorporate a proper recovery practice that will allow your body to regenerate. Quality personal trainers will read about these topics and surround themselves with a virtual team of experts and practitioners to refer you to them in order to help you achieve your goals.

To sum up, to find a quality personal trainer, you have to ask yourself the right questions: Who are its customers? What results does it achieve? Is he engaged in continuing education? Do you feel well in his presence? Does he ask you good questions and is he listening? I suggest that before you commit, ask for references, look on the web if you have videos testimonials, visit their facebook page, and their profile Linkedin (to know the extent of his experience and training) and especially , have an encounter with him to see if the fit is right for you. Hiring a personal trainer is an important investment. Take the time necessary to ensure the best return on investment.