How to change your diet will change your life and make you happier

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If you are looking for a way to change your life without having to work on the mental aspect of your personality, then this article will interest you. Because I will show you how to radically lifestylechange and make you happier, better in your skin, simply by changing your eating habits.

In short, here are five principles and tips I would like to give you to feel better in your body, so better in your head.

  1. For maximum energy, eat raw foods

Our body absorbs nutrients from fruits and vegetables better when they are raw. Because they are cooked, we destroy the “living” aspect of the food, and we lose some of its benefits. To absorb maximum energy and feel better, it is best to eat your vegetables as raw as possible.

  1. Make detox treatments regularly

There are many ways to purge your body and give it strength. The most extreme but also the most effective is fasting. Some people practice this for several days, but know that an 8-hour fast is already doing a lot of good for your body, which then starts to rest. You can also make detox treatments via mono-diets, or via vegetable juices (a juice extractor can be very useful for that matter).

  1. Stop processed products

I know that eating healthy when you’ve been used to eating anything, is very complicated and it can also seem very restrictive. Yet, without going into extremes, the principle that will have the most change on your body is this: stop eating processed products. That is, frozen or prepared dishes. Focus on the foods that can be found in nature (in different forms), because these are the foods that our body has been used to eating for thousands of years (while processed products have only existed for about 50 years, our DNA is not coded to eat that).

The idea is to give your body exactly what it was programmed for, and to avoid tiring you by treating unnatural products.

  1. Ask yourself what you eat

Make it a habit, when you put something in your body, to ask yourself if this food will make you better or worse. “Will this food pull me up or down?” Learn about the food you eat, where it comes from, and how good it is. Make sure to put as much “positive” food in your body as possible, and as little as possible of negative ingredients (even if you want to have a good pizza with friends from time to time, it does not hurt … as the rest is positive!).

  1. Concentrate on the pleasure

I have long been convinced that healthy food and delicious dishes were contradictory. As if eating healthy was a chore and only good taste products were the “bad ones” for the body. In the end, today, I enjoy with what I eat because I understood that a dish could be healthy AND good (my favorite food today is the … Zucchini! While I did not support that it a few years ago).

In short, for your transition to be smooth, continue to eat what you love. Decrease quantities and add healthy ingredients to your dishes. Then gradually reduce the amount of “bad” products, until you enjoy healthy food as such.