Guide on How to Become a Personal Trainer in 2022

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If you enjoy being in shape and have maintained physical fitness as a lifestyle, while enjoying helping others to achieve their own physical fitness goals, then you may want to think about becoming a personal trainer. It’s not difficult to learn how to become a personal fitness trainer, but you should be motivated by a desire to do something you enjoy and be willing to help others. This article will surely shine some light on how to become a personal trainer and to help you determine if you have what it takes to get into this career field.

Why become a Personal trainer?

There are many reasons why someone may choose to become a personal trainer and each person has their own reasons. The main reason people choose this career is that they have a passion for working out and teaching others how to condition their bodies. So, if you’re passionate about teaching and training others, then being a trainer could be your future career calling with many benefits. One of the most important aspects of being a trainer is that a person must be flexible with their schedule.

Learning how to become a personal trainer is important to be successful in the fitness industry you have to manage your time wisely. Decide what times and days you will be available to train clients. Personal trainers working out of public gyms are often times independent trainers that have the luxury of setting their own schedules. We will go over the benefits of being self-employed and employed later. Whether you are a full-time trainer employed at a gym or working on your own part-time with just a few clients, your joy for personal fitness and helping others should be a compelling reason to consider a career as a personal trainer.

Another appealing aspect of becoming a personal trainer is that the job can pay a lot of money. Some of the most successful trainers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year training professional athletes, celebrities and high profile individuals. Also, successful personal trainers often times can make small fortunes in publishing books, how to become a personal trainer video, health education blogs and even promoting food supplements and beauty products. If this sounds like interesting work with great opportunities, then you should enrol in a personal trainer course and get started in a new career as a trainer.

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Certifications, Education, Licensing Required

Choosing a certification is the best way to learn how to become a personal trainer and there are many types of certification programs and organizations that offer such courses. There are a variety of workshops, classes and exams that are designed to prepare you for getting certified as a trainer, but you want to choose a course or an organization that is accredited and nationally recognized in the physical fitness industry,

It is as simple as calling or contacting a club or organization that offers such courses and then inquire how to become a personal trainer. You may also search online for major organizations websites to find the answers to any question you may have about the industry, such as workshops, courses, certification costs and any pre-requisites.

There is no guarantee from getting a certification as a personal trainer that a person will become successful, being successful at this job requires talent, skill and experience to get and keep clients.

Self-employed or Employee

Although choosing a speciality isn’t required to get into this field of work, the fact is that it is a competitive market and successful personal trainers are always adding speciality courses to their resumes. Learning how to become a personal trainer includes how to also excel in this field. Having a speciality certification shows potential clients that you have much more to offer than the personal trainers that are employed at most gyms.

A great example is the Clinical Exercise Specialist certification, with this speciality you can work with special groups of individuals, such as persons who struggle with injuries or chronic diseases. There are other courses you will enjoy discovering that will surely benefit your career whether you are employed at a gym or become self-employed by starting your own business.

Now that you’ve learned how to become a personal trainer, you now need to learn how to set up your own business to be able to offer your training services. Setting up your home-based business means you have to choose a type of business entity such as a partnership or sole proprietorship, and then decide on a business name. Registering your company and getting liability insurance is not that difficult, so don’t be afraid to ask guidance and advice wherever and from whoever you can.

Once you have your business license in hand the next step is to market yourself, this is something that most people overlook when finding out how to become a personal trainer. To get your business known to the public you should make some flyers, business cards, a website and maybe a blog. You could even be creative and offer a free seminar to meet potential clients. Things like a computer and a printer with some type of publishing software can be a great asset when starting a business, there is lots of work to do so consistency and perseverance is a must to become successful in the fitness industry.

Getting Your First Job as a New Personal Trainer

Congratulations! once you get your certification as a personal trainer, you now have many job options available to choose from. Prospective jobs working in or out of gyms, studios, working from home as a self-employed personal trainer are just a few of your options. Other jobs for the adventurous at heart include working on cruise ships, cruise ships are always trying to offer the highest level of service to their guest. Hotels and resort spas throughout the world are also offering personal training services at their establishments. Corporations are also investing in their employees’ health, offering them regular fitness programs in their office gym locations.

Like most trainers, when you first start out you might want to work for a gym or club to get experience and build up your client base, but eventually most personal trainers end up working for themselves as independent contractors. After a while, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of the job that most people can only dream of, and that is doing something you enjoy and having a flexible schedule.


Now you know how to become a personal trainer, the next step is yours to take into this great field of work that has many wonderful and rewarding benefits. The fitness industry continues to grow every year and you will find many other niche opportunities in consulting, fitness writing, coaching or even opening your own gym, the choices are only limited to your own imagination.