How to Become a Massage Therapist?

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Massage therapy training is offered primarily by private schools, so people who want to know more about the subject should seek out information on their own. In order to guide them in their approach, I decided to write this article.

The profession of massage therapist

The massage therapy is a profession that requires people who practice human qualities, knowledge and specific skills. Working with an audience that is sometimes in a vulnerable situation, the massage therapist must demonstrate empathy and listening to clients. A thorough anatomical knowledge coupled with good judgment is also necessary to analyze the client’s situation and decide on the appropriate treatment. Good physical condition and manual dexterity are also very useful in order to perform the massage and mobilization techniques that will alleviate the client.

A person who wishes to be a massage therapist must know that the profession of the massage therapist is not recognized as such by the government. The training is offered by private schools that issue their own diplomas and certificates, vocational schools or certain CEGEPs. In order for their services to be reimbursed to clients by insurance companies, massage therapists must be members of a professional association. After receiving the diplomas of the therapists and recognizing their training, the association will allow them to give receipts to their clients.

Massage Therapist Training

The basic training in massage therapy is 400 hours and can range from 4 to 8 months depending on whether the studies are full-time or part-time. This training includes the learning of a massage technique, the study of anatomy, the client approach and the ethics. With this training, the student becomes a practitioner in massage, which allows him to practice relaxing care. He can therefore be part of an association.

To deepen his technique, the person who studies in massage therapy can continue his training up to 1000 hours and specialize in physiotherapy and orthotherapy for example. Full-time or part-time, it can take between 18 months and a little over 2 years to complete this training. Thus specialized, the person who adds these disciplines to his training can practice therapeutic massage and treat then musculoskeletal pathologies.

Choosing your school

10 Steps to Good Relaxing Massage your Feet: choosing your home teaching massage therapy is an important step if you want to become a massage therapist. Be sure to choose a serious and well-established school, whose training programs are recognized by the largest professional associations like Fremont College. Check the website of the different educational institutions and compare. They often display the content of their courses on the web and publish a list of associations that recognize their programs.

Some programs focus more on the biomechanical aspect, proposing an approach that focuses more on the mechanical dimension of the body, others consider the duality body-mind in a more energetic approach. Participate in the information nights and meet the professors to learn about the philosophy of the institution.

Take note that although most massage therapists are private, some CEGEPs and vocational schools also offer training programs. Public programs are eligible for the Government of Québec’s student financial assistance program, while for private study, you can obtain bank financing.

Choose your professional association

As with the training school, the choice of a professional association is important. If membership in an association is primarily intended to enable the massage therapist to provide clients with receipts that will be accepted by insurance companies, it is important to know the benefits each offers to its members as they differ considerably from one association to another.

Therefore, before making a choice, it is important to be aware of the number of members represented by each association, their reputation with the insurance companies, and it is essential to examine the range of their services. Joining a large association with a permanent and professional team is the best way to ensure that your receipts are accepted by as many insurance companies as possible, get answers to your questions and support in Your practice .