Health Benefits of Water Flossing

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Water flossing is a reliable solution to clean your teeth and improve your health problem. Today, anyone can buy a water flosser for their own and perform water flossing in their home. Despite being easy to use, water flossing provides tons of health benefits.


Here are the health benefits of water flossing:


Plaque Removal

Water flossing can remove almost all the plaque on the treated teeth within three seconds of application. Plaque is stubbornly forming every day; some of them aren’t totally cleaned even with a regular brushing. It’s due to the fact that the toothbrush might not reach certain gaps between teeth. When the area with plaque film is left untreated for a longer period, it can go thicker by days and can lead to gum inflammation and gingivitis infection which cause a more serious problem.

Water flossing works by combining the power pulsations with the water pressure to remove the plaque as well as bacteria. Water flossing performs a more effective plaque removal than string floss can provide by up to 30 percent. It’s time to support your string floss with a water flosser.

Reversing Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a bacterial infection which can cause the gum disease. The signs of gum diseases include inflammation, soreness, or even bleeding gums. You can compromise with the presence of gingivitis. Water flossing not only deals with the plaque but the collaborative application with brushing at daily basis, it can also completely reverse the gingivitis. Gingivitis can permanently damage the gum and develop into periodontitis as its left untreated. The regular water flossing has been proven to effectively treat gingivitis for sure.

Treating Periodontitis

When gum diseases aren’t well treated, it can advance to the Periodontal disease. The gum pockets will be formed as the infection and inflammation develop. It will more seriously damage the tissue as the bacteria spread into these gum pockets. Tooth loss is the end of the scenario after the infection damage the tissue and bone which support the teeth. Water flossing can completely clean the bacteria in the gum line which also effectively control and treat your periodontitis issue. String floss would definitely miss this function.

Eligible Oral Care

We should agree that brushing and flossing aren’t separable in daily routine to keep your teeth and mouth clean. However, it’s not a secret that flossing with string floss isn’t practical and time-effective. In fact, most people would skip string flossing on a regular basis. Since tooth brushing can remove up to 60 percent of biofilms, skipping the flossing means leaving the rest 40 percent of bacteria in your mouth. Water flossing is an eligible oral care can perform total cleaning within seconds. It improves your oral health in a more comfortable way.

Hygienic Flossing Solution

The use of water flosser will keep your fingers away from the flossing procedure. The water flosser keeps the water flow towards teeth and continuously flushing the bacteria away. There is no such cross-contamination of bacteria issue on the water flossing.  It provides you a more hygienic way to floss your teeth.