5 Scientifically Proved Health Benefits of Music

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People love to listen to music and everyone has its music library that consists of personal favorite songs. But do you know that listening to music is not only for entertainment purposes? Some researches suggest that music also makes you healthier and the health benefits of music are proved scientifically.

Listening to your favorite music helps to boost your mood, makes you feel relaxed, and decrease your pain that is why music therapy is being used worldwide for the treatment of different kinds of illnesses and diseases like anxiety, stress, and depression. Besides this, music also helps you to improve your memory.

Most people have experienced that listening to a particular song can bring back a special memory about a special person or time and make you feel happy by boosting up your mood. Studies have shown that when you listen to your favorite music then your brain releases a chemical called dopamine that brings a positive impact upon your mood and makes you feel relaxed.

If we talk about scientifically proved health benefits of music then the following are the highlighted music benefits.

1. Improve Brain Activity:

Listening to your favorite music stimulates your mind because it engages your brain and activates the inactive areas of the brain. It enhances the brain’s ability to adopt new information. Due to this music therapy is being used in brain-related injuries and diseases. If you keep your mind engaged with listening to music or playing music then it will help you to reduce agitation and your mind will become healthier with the increase in your age.

2. Meditation Music:

Music has a lot of benefits for stress management and overall health that’s why meditation music is the most popular stress management strategy. It brings short-term benefits like calming your mind and body within no time. So if we talk about the time required for music meditation, then at least 20 minutes is the good minimum time for it as a single favorite song can restore your energy by reducing your stress.

You have to follow some instructions for music meditation in which first of all you have to choose such meditation music which you enjoy listening to so you have to look for such music which has a slower tempo. It is preferred without lyrics because it will not distract your mind. After it gets into a comfortable position and makes yourself relaxed then close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax your muscles. Stay focused on the music and continues this practice for at least 20 minutes because the goal of this practice is to quiet your inner voice to get relaxed quickly.

3. Reduce Stress:

You have not seen anyone feeling stressed after listening to some good music because music has a tremendously relaxing effect upon our mind and body by decreasing the level of stress hormones. Music can reduce stress and make you feel relaxed in different ways. So, listening to slower tempo music can make you feel energetic and strong because this technique is being used for hundreds of years to overcome your stress level.

4. Better Sleep:

Listening to a favorite song before going to sleep improves the quality of sleep because it calms your nervous system parts and reduces your blood pressure with a lower heart rate followed by slower breathing. Choosing music for better sleep depends upon choice because most people like to listen to soft music before going to bed. But it is also associated with age because the young generation prefers to listen to fast music to make them feel relaxed and positive.

5. Building Better Study Habits:

Students always try to build better study habits. Surprisingly, music also helps students to ease student stress. According to a study, music engages such parts of your brain that control attention span that is the ability to make predictions and strengthen your memory retention. So being a student, you can reduce your exams or test stress through listening to good music. It will also make you learn your subject well.