Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Standing Desks

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Back pain is the reason for almost every tenth sick leave. 80% of the population in industrialized nations suffer from back pain. Among the many causes lies long at the desk sitting far ahead. Therefore, not only an ergonomic office chair is recommended, but also Height Adjustable Standing Desks in a healthy workplace.

The consequences of sitting for hours: Is sitting the new smoking?

The fact that more and more people get back pain can have many causes. However, it has been proven that hours of sitting, one-sided stress, long-term postures and little exercise are the main health risks.

  • Chronic back problems:About 80% of the population complains of back pain at least once in their lives. When sitting for hours, however, there is a great danger that temporary tensions will cause long-lasting back problems.
  • Slow metabolism:Even a short walk burns at least three times more calories than sitting, burning only about 1kcal per hour.
  • Muscle and bone atrophy:Constant sitting particularly affects muscles, bones, and joints that become slack and gradually break down.
  • Cardiovascular problems and increased risk of heart attack:sitting down reduces the HDL (high density lipoprotein level), which means that excess cholesterol can no longer be adequately transported to the liver. As a result, blood vessels are not kept free, causing arteries to calcify.
  • Damaged InsulinMetabolism: People who sit a lot are twice as susceptible to Type 2 diabetes as their metabolism and thus their insulin resistance changes. So it determined a study of the University of Leiceister.
  • Increased intestinal, uterine and lung cancer risk:Studies by the American Cancer Society and the University of Regensburg have shown that people who sit a lot more often get bowel cancer, uterine cancer and lung cancer .

Dynamic sitting

In order to counteract these health risks, which can occur due to prolonged sitting, one should ensure regular exercise in the workplace. The human spine has amazing regeneration abilities, but it has to keep moving in regular motion. Ergonomics experts suggest a 60% sitting, 30% standing, and 10% active movement ratio on an average of eight hours of workday. But you should also think while sitting on a frequent change between front, middle and rear seat posture. This so-called dynamic sitting achieves a reduction in the static load on the back muscles and the supporting apparatus.

What does height-adjustable desk have what conventional desks do not have?

As soon as several employees work in one workstation, a table is needed that can be adapted quickly to the individual body size with no tools, with simple handling. The most uncomplicated are electrically height-adjustable desks that do without gas springs or cranks .Electrically height-adjustable desktops like this have a memory function with digital height display and store up to four different settings for different employees. The fact that the heights can be adjusted quickly and almost noiselessly, without effort, makes everyday work easier.

What are the advantages of height-adjustable desk?

Investing in height-adjustable desk or a sit-stand table for your workplace is above all an investment in your health:

  • The occasional (standing) strengthens the muscle activity in the legs, which better blood circulation and muscle and bone atrophy are counteracted.
  • Standing up or standing upright on a sit-stand table relaxes the back and neck musclesand prevents tension in these regions.
  • In addition, a sit-stand table prevents chronic back problems and reduces the risk of heart attack and cancer.
  • Alone by the occasional standing at the desk one burns caloriesand so goes against the overweight.