Health Benefits of Bowling – A Physical Activity

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I am going to presenting information on how to use the sport of bowling as an avenue to good health, not to mention including tips on how to improve your game.

Let’s face it–many people dread going to the gym–if you don’t like a certain type of exercise, chances are that you won’t do it.

However, bowling is fun! And if you like bowling, chances are good that you will continue to participate in it, so why not enjoy the health benefits that can accompany your time in the sport! We have lots of material coming, so please check back with us on a regular basis, and if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

Warm Up and Stretch Before You Start Bowling:

Here’s a helpful video for warming up for bowling. You start by doing some easy shoulder warm-ups while holding a bowling ball–simply swinging the bowling ball back and forth will help to prepare your shoulder for the upcoming action. If you’re able, after doing some easy swings, do full rotations in both directions–good for your rotatory cuff and joint. A nice arm stretch is to grab your hands behind your back, stretch down, and then pull up (you can see this demonstrated in the video below).

Another exercise is to test the approach without holding a bowling ball. This way you can test your traction and see whether any adjustments need to be made in your shoes.

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