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The chest is one of the parts of the body that changes constantly. In adolescence, during pregnancy, after childbirth or with the weight of time, the chest is put to the test. Take care of it on a daily basis and naturally, it’s possible by using breast firming masks. Check the best recipes for breast firming masks here!

In addition, it is extremely important to take care your breasts regularly. A minimum annual visit to the gynecologist is recommended. Once a month after the preference rules, you can feel them yourself and make sure everything is fine. For a successful self-palpation, palpate with his right hand flat on the left breast while raising the left arm and vice versa.

Pregnant woman’s breasts

The chest is often heavy and very painful when a woman is pregnant. It is then necessary to massage them regularly. During pregnancy, it is best to use a special stretch mark massage oil. It is also necessary to wear the bra suitable for pregnancy and especially change the model after delivery. All compressions must be avoided. Regarding postpartum, for those who are breastfeeding, pay attention to stretch marks and nipple crevices. In this case, it is also advisable to apply massage oil.

Beneficial cosmetic products

It is necessary to constantly moisturize the skin. Care firming, remodeling, mousses, or organic scrubs, all will allow you to keep beautiful breasts. Regarding the “Chi massage” previously mentioned, it takes wheat germ oil or dill oil.

Caution. Women with inflammation or nodules should not use these oils.

In addition, different treatments effectively maintain your breasts.
For example: rub your breasts with natural shea butter every morning after the shower. Then in the evening, before going to bed, make breast firming masks on your chest and keep it all night. You can also prepare your lotions yourself so that your breasts regain their firmness.

An adapted lingerie

As for pregnant women, the choice of bra is very important. First of all, it is better to wear a bra during the day, but to remove it at night so as not to compress the chest. It is important that it is the right size, that it supports the chest properly and that it is adapted to the current activity. There are many conventional models: pigeon, balcony, padded and with frame or not. However the choice is limited concerning organic lingerie brands. Stella Mac Cartney, the daughter of the famous Beatles, also offers organic lingerie and sexy, but the prices are unfortunately very high. Not long ago, a rumor circulated about the risks of wearing a bra: the underwear would be responsible for the appearance of breast cancer. For the moment, no confirmation has been given by the health authorities

Massages to firm up

We must also take care of her breasts daily with including massages. It is important to always massage in a circular manner and with gentle movements. Do not hesitate to massage the breasts, as well as the bust and the blow. Massaging your chest every day for about 10 minutes, firming it and gently pinching the nipples makes them harder.

 Proper nutrition

Massages and organic cosmetics are not everything. Having a healthy diet is essential. It is recommended to have a lacto-vegetarian diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as consuming foods high in protein.

Sport, despite everything!

Maintaining and keeping a beautiful chest also goes through the sport. A series of exercises called “Qi Gong” according to the Taoist helps to shape your breasts. It is then necessary to seize a breast in each hand and massage with a rotary movement close to 36 times in each direction. These daily exercises would also be enough to guard against cancer.