7 Great Tips on Choosing Your Incontinence Products

Incontinence is a problem that is not simple in any way because it comes with mental and physical changes that a person has to endure. To learn that your body is no longer capable of functioning correctly has the ability to cause challenges ranging from self-esteem issues to full blown depression. There are many decisions that have to made in regards to treatment. In addition to those decisions, the sufferers have to decide on the incontinence products that will work with their specific condition.

The first step in this process is to gather as much knowledge as possible to make wise decisions when it comes to which products to buy. One of the first questions that a person has is how he or she will prevent embarrassing situations from happening. Another issue that many people have is the financial burden that this condition could have. Many of those questions should be asked and answered before the first purchase is made. Several factors must be considered to insure the best product is selected to limit or eliminate any mishaps.

What to Consider When Choosing Incontinence Products?


1. Gender of the Individual

Anyone that has been around babies knows that boys and girls do not urinate in the same way. With this knowledge, incontinence briefs are now designed for both men and women. Thankfully, manufacturers have realized that to eliminate leakage issues they have to target the absorbency in the right place.

2. Size Variances

Incontinence products for men and women now come in varying sizes ranging from small to X-large. This will shorten the time it takes to change these undergarments because no longer is adjustments needed to get a secure fit.

3. Light or Heavy Leakage

Not all incontinence issues are the same as it was stated before. The condition could be mild where only small amounts of leakage occurs to heavy where a person sufferers has no control over their urination.

4. Design of the Incontinence Product

The choices available for men and women have come a long way from when the only option was diapers for adults. Now there are disposable briefs, pads, guards and underwear to name a few of the options. Depending on the activity level, the chosen product will have to move and adjust to work with the activity level of the individual. Some of the garments are able to worn like regular underwear in the sense that the person can slide the garments up and down without the use of fasteners or snaps.

5. Night-time incontinence

At night, caregivers or mobile individuals may wish to use bed pads to prevent urination from soaking the mattress especially if the bladder leakage intensifies during this time. In addition to the incontinence pads, there are also high absorbency underwear and briefs that help absorb the urine.

6. Ability to control odor

If odor is a problem then a caregiver may want to choose a product that has odor control. Dealing with this condition is difficult for some and the ultimate goal is to keep the embarrassment down. Having a foul odor will not help anyone’s self-esteem. In addition, to products with odor guard, people can look for wipes that will help the person clean up even when they are not at home. Keeping the skin clean and dry is even more important when the person has sensitive skin because it is easily irritated.

7. Product Pricing

As stated before this is a major concern for many people and with good reason. These products are not cheap and for most of the incontinence products the costs are recurring. A great way to save money is to purchase in bulk after you have discovered the product that works best for your situation. When doing a bulk purchase normally the company, especially a company located online will offer discounts and of course the shipping cost will be lower because the person is shipping multiple products at once instead of incurring shipping costs each month. Another added benefit to bulk and online ordering is that depending on the person’s state and the company’s, there may not be any sales tax, which is another place to save.

Final Thoughts and Suggestions on Incontinence Supplies

Those of the basic guidelines that need to be considered before making a purchase of any incontinence products. A few tips or suggestions for things that also should be checked when making the final decision involve the durability of the product. In order to find the most durable product, it is important to read the reviews on products or try the products before investing in purchasing bulk shipments. Another factor to consider is how difficult the product is to use. If a caregiver will have to undress or help dress an individual then products with snaps will probably be best. If a person has limited mobility then garments that have to be stepped into may not be a great choice.